We’re Matched!!

Hey everyone! Jeremy and I went back and forth on whether or not we would share this on social media this side of the birth, but here goes nothing…we are officially matched with a birth mom!! We decided we want to share this story as it unfolds; to be real and vulnerable in the middle of much unknown! Only 3 1/2 weeks after becoming active, we got a phone call on February 27th to tell us that we were chosen by a birth mom in Iowa who was pregnant with a baby boy due in May! I was sitting at lunch with my mom when our consultant called. I knew what the call was for…she normally emailed, so I just knew. Before I could get off the phone to tell all the details, my mom was crying and getting up to hug me. We very quickly hopped in the car to get to Jeremy (who was working on a Monday due to an RV show). LONGEST car ride EVER! 🙂 After telling Jeremy the news, he was completely useless at work! I’ve never seen him so flustered! There were tears of joy, many moments of utter shock, and so many more emotions! We’re gonna be parents!! We’re getting a son!! Still don’t know if it’s set in! Right now the date is May 3rd or May 10th, but we are told to be ready for anything. The date has already changed 3 times due to several factors, so we will just keep rolling with the punches. We have plans to take an RV to Iowa to be at the hospital for his birth. We will pick up our little bundle and stay at campgrounds until we are told we can come back to NC! It’s unbelievable how quick everything has happened and we are so thankful for this experience so far. Y’all, adoption is so much more wonderful and scary than we ever dreamed and before we are even holding our son, it is more worth it than we can express. God has worked in our marriage mightily as we have struggled, prayed, cried, not trusted, been given grace, gently called back to faith, and learned to love better than before. Our hearts have been flooded with love for this beautiful mother who’s selflessness and sacrificial love for the baby boy she is carrying is overwhelming. It is an absolute honor and privilege to be connected to this mother in such a unique and special way. Please join us in praying for God’s comfort and peace to cover this entire process. We are so thankful to hope in a God who mends brokenness and brings abundant joy. Pray for God’s hand to continue to be evident. 

With the adoption getting closer at an ever increasing speed, tomorrow will be my last day of work as I have been training my replacement for about 2 weeks now. It’s hard to believe I have been at D&H for two years. They went by so fast and I feel so fortunate to have worked in this place. Life is about to be so different! No more driving into work with my husband, walking into his office for a quick hello anytime during the day, getting a paycheck (ouch), or interacting each day with coworkers who have become friends. Obviously, we can’t see a more precious reason for the change, so we look forward to creating new normals and seeing God’s plans unfold in this new season of life! 

Stay tuned for more on our adoption adventures!! Things are about to get REAL!


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