…and just like that, we’re active!

Yall…it’s unbelievable how quickly the past 5 months have flown by with the stacks of paperwork, several home study visits, countless appointments, and constant fundraising…but we are so excited to finally share that we are officially active! YAY! We are now in the waiting phase (a phase with MANY ups and downs as we’ve heard!!). In this stage, we will have cases sent to us that we will choose whether or not to be presented/considered on. For the cases we choose to be a part of, the birth moms will look over our profile and we will wait for one to choose us as adoptive parents for her baby. Once we are matched and baby is born, we will be traveling to whatever State the baby is born in and will stay there for around 2 weeks while both States sign off on us traveling home! Crazy right?!?!?!

There’s so much for us to do while we are waiting to be matched. To be perfectly real, we are just hoping for enough time to feel like our heads are on straight! 🙂 It’s overwhelming (in the best way) to think of how our lives will change in the matter of a few emails and phone calls. Jeremy and I are really trying to savor every last minute we have left as “just the two of us” as we also try to scramble and get our hearts and home prepared for children. The foreseeable future will be jam-packed with all of our normal routines plus getting a nursery together, gathering all we will need for traveling (when it’s time to finalize the adoption), praying, and hopefully reading some great parenting/adoption books.

So far, the adoption process has been better than we could’ve hoped for. We’ve learned and grown so much! We’ve LOVED our partnership with Faithful Adoption Consultants as well as Nathanson Adoption services. The people we have been able to connect with have been so kind and so helpful. We would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is looking into adopting. Honestly, we really feel as though we have the best support system anyone could ever ask for. Our friends and family have blown us away with the ways they have loved us, celebrated with us, and supported us through every single little step. We can’t wait to see what they will all do once there’s a squishy little baby (or babies) to love on as well. 🙂

Stick around to keep hearing more updates on the adoption process! So many unknowns ahead!!!

In the meantime, please don’t forget to come out February 18th to show your support to our friend Seth and to us at the Album Release Concert!! It’s just $5 a ticket at the door and it’s gonna be such a great evening! All the proceeds from the evening will go toward our adoption and you’ll get to enjoy some awesome music!!



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