Christ Covenant Church

Hey everyone! I know our blog has been much more geared toward the adoption and cancer updates lately, but I’ve got a bit of a different life update to share today.

As many of you know, Jeremy has been given a passion and gifting for leading worship. Over the past 2 years (since we’ve been married), he has faithfully served the body of Christ through student ministries at Summit and using his specific gifting to lead at various local churches on Sunday mornings. Several months ago, God began to stir in Jeremy’s heart to be using his gifts deeper through using them effectively in one local body. Shortly after that, we were approached by Christ Covenant and asked to consider a part time position for Jeremy to lead worship at their church. After several weeks of prayer, counsel, discussion, and some tears, we were convinced that God was calling us to make this change.

So beginning this first week of February, Jeremy and I will be transitioning to Christ Covenant Church. We would be so grateful for prayers as we make this transition in the midst of so many other transitions. Change is especially hard for me, so I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that all this change is happening at once. We believe God has great plans. We are believing God will bring about deep community for us at our new church, that He will teach and grow us there, and that He will use us to bless others as a result of us being there. We are incredibly sad to be leaving Summit, our small group, and our students. It’s kind of a funny place to be when you want to tell God “no” in the beginning of a decision making process, but truly can’t because you know God’s will is for you to say “yes.” We by no means take switching churches lightly; it’s a weighty decision. We know that this move will be blessed as we are being faithful to what God is calling us to and we look forward to what He has planned for us. We believe the best is yet to come for us, Christ Covenant Church, and the Summit Church and we are just grateful for the privilege of being involved in His plans.


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