Home Study & Profile Book

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about yall, but I am ready for the weekend. It’s been a busy couple of weeks around our house. We had an RV show last weekend in Greensboro (complete with multiple Urgent Care visits due to Jeremy slicing through a good chunk of his finger and requiring stitches), we FINALLY got in the corrected 1st order of t-shirts (which means we can finally distribute them to our amazing supporters), we created–>ordered–>and received our adoption profile books, we began planning a few fundraiser opportunities (there’s one very special one you should be on the look-out for), and we had our first of three home study visits! BUSY!

A few details into our home study: We applied to Nathanson Adoption Services for our home study and were quickly accepted and given the number to our assigned social worker. Our first home study visit came sooner than expected when we got to meet our social worker the day after contacting her. I took some comfort in the fact that Jeremy and I just happened to have cleaned the house the morning of our phone call and felt ready to have a next day meeting. So far, we LOVE our social worker. She is kind, helpful, friendly, and easy to talk to. Our first meeting seemed to go great and we are looking forward to our second meeting next week. Many friends have asked us what the home study visits are for, so I will take a minute to explain that. In summary, the meetings are to get to know us as a couple, get to know us as individuals, and get to know the home the child would be brought in to. Simply put, they try to make sure that we are fit to be adoptive parents and provide a safe environment for children.

Now a few details about the profile books:  The profile book is extremely important because it is how we are presented to birth mothers. Agencies will show birth moms our book in order for her to learn about us and help her to decide if she wants us as her child’s adoptive parents…CRAZY! We decided to try and create our own profile book instead of going with a professional designer, even though that was the highly recommended route. I can’t tell you how daunting the task of putting a book like that together really is. As you can imagine, I was pretty nervous about making the book myself, but Jeremy and I thought we should at least give it a shot. Creating the book ourselves both saved us money and ended up being a really special part of this process for us. FAC told us from the beginning  not to be offended or hurt when they come back with many corrections and changes that would need to be done on personally created profiles…so with low expectations, I sent in my proof to be looked over and was completely shocked to receive an instant approval. That being said, we now have our books in hand and get to cross another step off of our to-do list!

While you’re waiting to hear about the special fundraiser we are planning, we’ve had a number of people ask us if we have a way to give donations online towards our adoption. I’m happy to finally share that link with all of you! We have included our fundraising goal and plan to record outside donations toward the goal as well. Like we’ve said before, adoption is expensive, but we believe it’s worth it and that God will provide. It kind of scares me to be so transparent with the amount that we need to raise, but I’m trusting that it is better to be real and portray an accurate picture of what it takes to adopt.



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