Application #1

Hey everyone! Just thought I would give a short adoption update. Jeremy and I sent in our first round of paperwork yesterday for the adoption!! BIG STEP! We are now officially applied to the consultant group we would like to use for the adoption and should hear back from them within a few weeks. We will share more about the consultant group once we find out if we will be able to partner with them. Again, we are still open to a private adoption if the Lord brings that into our path, so keep us in mind if you learn of any opportunities for that. We are excited to be moving forward in the adoption process through whatever means God provides for us to do so!

As we await word from the consultants, we are still rolling with fundraisers! We have been so blessed by the many people who have chosen to support us financially thus far. We have even had several people decide to give above and beyond payment for their t-shirts, which just leaves us speechless. I’m not going to sugar coat it…fundraising can be so discouraging at times and it has definitely already been hard to trust that God will provide the amount we need to adopt, but there have also been moments where we have been greatly encouraged over this past month by the generosity of friends, family, and even strangers. God does continue to show His faithfulness and we are trusting that He will indeed provide. We have two specific opportunities for people to support us going on at the same time right now–>

The first opportunity: our adoption tees are still for sale! If you would like to purchase any of those, you can click the website below and place your order! We already have one bulk order placed and being printed now. We are looking forward to placing our second order soon!

The second opportunity is one that we are so excited about. Our amazing engagement/wedding photographer graciously offered to hold an evening of photo shoots and give 75% of the proceeds directly to our adoption fund. We can not describe the sweetness, kindness, and generosity shown by this dear friend to offer that to us. If you are at all interested in getting fantastic photos of your family done and in turn supporting the growing of our family, please email to book an appointment. The shoot will be held Friday, September 9th at Yates Mill from 5pm-8pm.

Thanks for stopping in to read our update. Hope to have more to share soon!



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