Adoption Tees

Hey everyone! First of all, I wanted to share a little update on where we are in the adoption process right now: we have finally decided on partnering with a consultant group for the adoption and we are in the middle of filling out that application, so we will have to share more about that later. PS- Even while we are moving forward with applying to the consultant group, we are also totally open to a private adoption if the situation prevents itself, so keep us in mind if you know any brave momma who is wanting to put her newborn up for adoption.

The main reason for the post today—> we are very excited to finally be starting the fundraising process for the adoption!!!! For our first fundraiser, we have decided to sell T-shirts.

Below are all of the T-shirt options that we will be selling:


Below is a closer picture of the design on one of the shirts:


The design for the t-shirt was created by our sweet friend, Rachel Loftis! She is extremely talented, so check her out if you get a chance! All we gave her to work with was Psalm 127:3-5 and she took it from there. We could not be more thankful to have had her involved in this process in such a unique way. Thank you so much Rachel for serving us and supporting us in the adoption!

If you would like to support our adoption through buying a shirt, please use the link below to fill out the online order form! The form will help us keep all the orders straight and give us all the information we will need to get your T-shirt to you! Try to get all of your tshirt orders submitted on one order form (if you can) as this will help us keep things organized. You can always email us if you need to make any changes/additions to your order and we can do that internally (instead of you having to fill out a new form). TheThere will not be a place on the online form for submitting payment…we will email you with payment instructions after you submit your order form. We are very grateful for your patience and grace to us as we work out any issues in the ordering process as well as the distributing process! Feel free to email Jeremy and I at if you have any questions! 🙂


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