Hey everyone! A few weeks ago, Jeremy and I made a very exciting announcement that we’re starting the adoption process!!

It’s been overwhelming the amount of support and love we have felt through this already. We have received so many texts, calls, and messages that have blessed us greatly. I just wanted to write today to provide a little more detail about how we chose adoption (as well as why), where we are in the process, and also how you can partner with us along the way.

First of all, how did we come to the decision to adopt?? Well, Jeremy and I already knew we wanted to adopt coming into marriage. I have been passionate about adoption since high school and Jeremy actually was adopted as an infant, so he says he’s always been a fan 😊. Adoption is one of the clearest earthly pictures of the gospel for us. God chose us to be His children. He adopted us into His family giving us a glorious inheritance and a new identity. God chose to lavish His love upon us while we were still outside of His family, while we were still dirty sinners, and chose to give us new life in Him. Jeremy and I just can’t think of a more beautiful way, for us specifically, to grow our family than through adoption. We believe it is no accident that God brought us together and gave us both such strong desires to adopt, so we are choosing to move forward with these dreams. We are pursuing domestic infant adoption. While we would love to adopt internationally, we believe adopting domestically will give us the capacity to adopt more children in the long run. That being said, we will be THRILLED to adopt children of other ethnicities if the Lord allows! In any case, we are praying that God’s will be done in our hearts, in our marriage, and in the growing of our family through this process.

So where are we in the adoption process?? We are right at the very beginning of this thing. We have done LOTS of research and have talked with several agencies and consultants. Right now, we are close to deciding which agency/consultant group we would like to partner with in the adoption. Once we decide that, we will be applying to the agency and then for our home study. This is going to be a process…probably a long one! We chose to post our adoption announcements early because it’s our desire to have others walk with us through the entire process. We have been so grateful for the incredible resource our community has been already in these past few months of research and decision making. We’ve had friends share of their own adoption experiences, come beside us and pray with us, take the time to create beautiful prints for the announcement, take an entire evening to take our announcement photos, and so much more. We wouldn’t want to walk through any part of this alone!

So how can you be involved?? First and foremost…PRAY! Seriously yall, we need so many people just praying for wisdom in decision making, for grace when the adoption process will get hard and messy, for God’s provision (in all areas), for the mother of our future child, for our future child, for God to prepare Jeremy and I to be parents, and so many more things that I could ramble on about. The next way you can get involved is through fundraising opportunities. The reality is: adoption is expensive…but it is so worth it! We will be deciding which routes we want to use for fundraising soon and will keep you updated if you are interested in partnering with us in that way. Honestly, any way you can support us and walk along side of us throughout the adoption process is so incredibly precious to us! I know I’m blown away that you’re choosing to read this blog right now, so thank you for even wanting to hear a little bit of our story. I do hope you stick around to hear more as the adoption process unfolds.


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