Positive News and Round 3 Tonight

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update before heading over to Duke for round 3 tonight! Sorry I never got around to posting about Mom’s last chemo…life has been packed full! The last round went smoothly, in fact, it was the least anxious I have seen my Mom be at a chemo appointment. She is such a trooper! That round did however keep Mom “out for the count” a bit longer than usual. She typically has about 4 “bad” days and last round, she had about 7. It was a bit discouraging to take a whole week to bounce back to being able to go out and do things for herself knowing she would only have two good weeks before doing till all over again. That being said, this morning’s appointment brought news that makes chemo feel a bit more worth it. It would seem that the chemo is doing it’s job!! We are happy to share that her cancer markers have gone WAY down; in fact, the doctors said they were amazing results after just 2 treatments. Also, the doctor could not even feel the usual cancerous lymph node! We are greatly rejoicing after hearing all this at the appointment earlier today. Praise God for the way He has chosen to hear His children and answer our prayers. God would be no less good if we had heard different news this morning, but to say that we are savoring in His goodness right now is an understatement. What a kind, gracious, loving Father we have. We are just blown away by all He is choosing to do in us and how He is working in this cancer. Tonight, Mom is already at the hospital for her 3rd round of chemo! Please join us in praying that this round is met with joy and peace. Pray that the chemo will continue to diminish the cancer in her body and she would be healed! Pray that the gospel is made famous through this trial! Pray that we love Jesus and are conformed into His image! Thank you all in advance for lifting us up!


One thought on “Positive News and Round 3 Tonight

  1. Praying for all you have requested. Awesome hearing such positive news! Love and strength to your Mom! What an amazing warrior!! I am inspired by her strength and resolve! Extending honor and glory to God for all he is doing in your Mom’s treatment. All of you are in my heart! God Bless!

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