“Your Disease Has Returned”

It’s almost weird being back on here to post again. I wish I had much more exciting news to post, but this post will be pretty heavy. On Tuesday, my mom went to a personally scheduled appointment at Duke to visit her oncologist. A few weeks back, she began feeling some pain in her abdomen and decided it would be a good idea to get that checked. After doing a regular exam, the doctor didn’t feel anything of concern, but because of the pain, he decided to have a CT scan done (and thankfully they had an opening that afternoon). After spending hours at the hospital and experiencing quite an emotional roller coaster of a day, we spent some family time together at the house. This afternoon, my mom received email results from the scan. The doctor’s note on the top read the dreaded words: “Your disease has returned.” I have read and re-read all the medical terms that followed, but those words pretty much sum it up and stick in our minds. From what we can understand in the medical report, masses were found in her liver, indicating the cancer has metastasized. My mom has an appointment on Tuesday to discuss the plan with her oncologist, but for now, that’s all we know (medically speaking). What we know without a doubt and are believing together that God is indeed good and He is sovereign. We believe that if He wants to heal my mom of cancer here on this earth, that He can and will (and we are pleading with Him to do so). We believe that there is absolute hope beyond the grave for us because Christ has already defeated death. We are trusting that God will provide the strength, joy, patience, peace, and grace needed to suffer and struggle well through this.We know that God will show us more of who He is and give us all we need in this. We desire to love Him more and wreck as many people with the gospel as possible as we begin round two with this disease! Please join our family in prayer. We are so thankful for the body of Christ and the way God uses all of you to love us so tangibly and so sweetly. Pray for our family to be a light in this dark world. Pray for hope to remain in our hearts and minds. Pray for us to know how high and how wide the love of Christ is for us. Pray for my mom to beat this cancer and for the doctor’s to have wisdom as they decide courses of treatment. Pray for many to come to saving faith in Christ as we seek to further God’s Kingdom now and understand that our purpose here on earth does not change as cancer “re-enters” the picture. Pray that we remain faithful as we know God is ALWAYS faithful. We are hurting and we are grieving, but we are filled with hope because we have Christ. There will be many tears in the coming months, but also much laughter and joy. I can’t help but be thankful, with a heavy heart, for the effects that cancer has already had on my family and for the ways God will use it still. I’m reminded that a cancer free body is not the prize here, but more of Christ is. He is more than enough for us in the good times and in the hard times. As I am finishing this post, the words “your disease has returned” are still rolling around in my mind, but I can’t help but combat that with two things:
-God is here and He’s not going anywhere
-The greatest need we will ever have has been met by the death and resurrection of Christ; our souls disease was greater than any physical illness and has been wiped out, never to return


2 thoughts on ““Your Disease Has Returned”

  1. Your testimony is amazing! The faith that you guys have is so God-honoring and real. We are praying for you all, Sweetheart.

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