Quick Check In

I didn’t expect to make it to my mom’s appointment today but I ended up getting off work early and was able to go to Duke with my Mom, Dad, and Ashley! I am so grateful to have been able to make it! Today, they calibrated the machines by doing both and X-ray and a CT, then remarked my mom to be ready for treatments. She will start those tomorrow at 10 30. Then she will go every weekday at 2 15 after tomorrow for what they expect to be five weeks. Please join me in praying each day for these appointments. One of the greatest ways you could support our family is in committing to prayer for the weeks to follow! Here are a few specific things we would really appreciate others praying with us:

– for the treatments to go smoothly and be effective in getting rid of the cancer
– for my mom to meet people (as she will be at Duke often) that she can tell about Jesus
– that we will see God reveal Himself in big ways and that we will be transformed by it
– for us to remain focused on what is greater than this world and that is Christ…pray we get more of Him and that we live out the gospel more so that others will get more of Him as well
– for peace, strength, and endurance
– for there to be great rejoicing in all things through this trial
– for God to be honored and glorified above all things


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