Run-Through Tomorrow

Sorry I haven’t been keeping everyone updated, but I had the flu last weekend (plus some days) and it’s been exhausting since then just trying to allow my body to recover and gain some energy. Enough about me though…I am just wanting to give a quick update and ask for prayer! The doctors never called after they met March 25th, so my mom went in for her CT the following day where the doctors mapped the radiation and marked my mom for radiation. She has several “X’s” on her so they know where to aim during the procedures. Once they start the actual treatments, my mom will have to go in each day at the same time of day for radiation. Now for how to be praying: tomorrow afternoon my mom has to go to Duke for a run-through. We assume she will be shown exactly what each day will look like when she goes in for treatment. Pray that she will be calm and be put at ease as she knows a little more about what to expect with radiation. Pray that God will be honored in the way my mom and the rest of our family handles this next chapter in her battle with cancer. Pray that the radiation will eradicate the cancer! Pray for us to love God more and have opportunities to show others the love of God in all of this. Thank you all for your support and prayers…I was reminded today of the eternality of the body of Christ and what a precious gift the Church really is.


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