A Little Rusty

I feel like I’m rusty at writing posts since it’s been so long. I’ve been looking to spruce up the outside of my house as I focused my efforts on the inside since I moved in last May.  I just got a love seat for the front porch and ordered my patio furniture (which I am so excited to have arrive)!


so cozy…can’t wait to sit out front and spend time in the Word on warm mornings 🙂

I have been particularly busy with work lately and today was fun as I got to dress up for Dr. Seuss Day and Literacy Night…tomorrow is Jersey Day 🙂

me and my partner in crime

me and my partner in crime

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 1 and Thing 2

the painting one of my co-workers put on me

the painting one of my co-workers did on my cheek

right before reading

right before reading

I’m going to quickly update you on the housing situation! I still am supposed to have a roommate moving in soon, but I’m not sure of the date! Praying that the Lord works everything out in His will as He always does and I would trust His plan in all these little details of life.

My mom had a CT scan this morning and we were left praising God as it only took one attempt to get the IV in for the scan! It’s so encouraging to see the the Lord answer prayers. God is so gracious in even all the little things. Please be praying for her appointment next Tuesday. The last appointment was difficult as we heard the lymph node has grown, but we are still trusting God with whatever His plan is in all this. I have realized that I often shy away from praying for the big miracle of curing her cancer (while she is not doing treatments), but I am reminded that God is not constrained by the boundaries of medicine. He is able to do ANYTHING and I am able to pray the BIG things! So I am praying, and asking you all to pray, that by God’s hand she would be healed from this awful disease. I hate seeing her go through the appointments, the needles, the emotional exhaustion, the anxiety. Pray expecting God to do big things in her cancer and trust that He can! Pray that if He chooses to allow the cancer to remain, that His glory would be revealed and we would see Him and love Him more. Pray that the blessing would be great and faithfulness would result!

Just a few thoughts that I’ve been reminded of lately:

– Church is not just a place that you go on Sunday, it’s just about just sitting in a seat or filling a chair. The Church is the body of Christ. We are meant to edify one another, to serve one another. We are meant to use the gifts that the Lord has given us as they were intended to be used, to bless our brothers and sisters in Christ and to show others Christ.

– How we live reflects the way we value the cross…Does my life rightly reflect the gratitude I feel toward my Savior?

– God hears the prayers of His children. We need to be disciplined and persistent in prayer. We need to have time set aside to meet with God. We need to lift up His Word to Him and pray His promises back to Him.


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