Opportunities to Trust

I will keep this post really short, but I wanted to update everyone on my mom’s appointment. It wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for…the doctor felt slight enlargement in the lymph node. After the scans 3 months ago being fuzzy and feeling growth this time, it seems the cancer has grown slightly. The doctor gave my parents a choice to start treatments now or wait to get another scan and appointment/exam in 3 months (which was his recommendation) and go from there; so they chose to go back in March for all of that. The cancer isn’t aggressively active right now, so it could still respond to treatments, but possibly not as well since it’s only slightly active. The doctor also mentioned the side effects of the drugs would make her feel worse and since she isn’t feeling any symptoms of the cancer, it may not be the time to do that. He didn’t mention which course of treatment he would do, but I assume we will cross that bridge if it comes. It’s all very surreal that 2 years ago on Christmas Eve she got the first diagnosis…so as we near the anniversary of that news, we seem to have new things to deal with even though the news isn’t exactly the same. All of that has been quite a lot to take in over the past few hours, so please pray for the news to settle. There is purpose in this, there is good in this because God is in this. He has a plan just as He always had and what we desire more than anything is for God to get glory in this. We don’t know how He will, but we trust that He will. This is all just another opportunity to trust Him. This is hard, but He is God. We don’t understand His ways all the time, but we can absolutely trust His heart! Pray that we continue to do that! Pray that lives would be changed through this, hearts would be conformed into His image, and that God would strengthen us for the good deeds He has prepared for us in these circumstances we are in! Pray that the Father would work a miracle in this if it would be His will to heal my mom! Whatever may come, pray that God is preparing us for it and loving us so deeply through it that we can feel Him holding us!

This song came on when we were driving home from the appointment and it was just so appropriate, so I wanted to share it with you.


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