November Post (Creative Title, I Know) :)

I have totally neglected my little blog and there is way too much to really catch up on; I will just have to share a few big things from this month. First, Daughters of the King was a few weeks ago and it was such a great weekend! So refreshing to get away with my senior girls and learn about hope, faith, and love. I was reminded that the only place to put our faith is in Christ, where we find perfect love and hope that is sure! Why do we so often try to live for something else, when we will only come up empty, unsatisfied, and disappointed? To live is Christ, so when I am not living completely sold out for Him, I am not truly living…deep down I know this and still find myself getting this wrong! Thankful for a weekend to refocus and re-energize!

senior girls

class of 2012 🙂

love serving with these ladies

such sweet girls

everyone being silly

Upon returning from DOTK, I had quite a rough week. I ended up bringing home some awful poison ivy from the mountains on my neck, face, hands, and eyes…OUCH! It was such a miserable week. Ended up going to urgent care on Monday night where they gave me a huge Cortisone shot and told me to take Benadryl. When that hadn’t helped at all by Tuesday night, they put me on Prednisone for 12 days. Thankfully after 24 hours on those meds, the itching reduced significantly and the patches began to heal…it took me 4 days to get a full nights rest because of all the infuriating itching! So glad to be fully recovered from all that now (I will spare you the pictures of that ;))

Now on to THANKSGIVING! Our whole family headed to Virginia to celebrate together! It’s been a long time since I have eaten as much as I did…so delicious! I had a great time with my family. It’s such a blessing that we all get to spend time with each other and we all love to do so. We laugh a lot together and really share about our lives. I really do have the best family anyone could ever imagine!

family football game

victory is ours

we totally could’ve been a statue

girls on a park bench

this one was for mom 🙂 all her kids together!

goodness, I love them!

siblings and cousins

love my siblings

Alright, before I wrap up for the night time to focus a few thoughts that have been jumbled up in my head for weeks. I have been frustrated with subtle discontentment lately. Choosing joy has been more choice than natural habit. I can’t seem to keep from getting distracted by all the business of life and can’t seem to get enough rest to feel awake during the day. I haven’t been unhappy or upset, but not overjoyed. I know the reason for all this is because I haven’t been focused on Christ. I haven’t been praying to way I should. I haven’t been in the Word as often or as deeply as I should be. It’s amazing how much greater joy is and how much easier it is to choose it when I am walking closely with the Lord. As soon as I take my eyes off of Him, I stop living and I am just wandering aimlessly. Even with knowing this, it’s been hard to snap out of the funk I have been in, but I am trusting that the Lord would help me to stop making things about me and make them about Him. I am so thankful He is worthy of worship, worthy of living for, worthy of my everything. He is greater than all my sin and He has given me salvation…I need no other thing than Him and He has given me everything for life and godliness. Praying that I would center my thoughts on His grace and approach His throne with proper heart and without ceasing.


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