Getting “Fallified”

Time to check in again! Before I get started on anything else…thank you so much for thinking of and praying for our family these past few weeks. My mom’s CT scan went very well. The nurse couldn’t find any veins to stick and as my mom began to pray a huge vein popped up out of no where. It was so kind of God to just give that boost of encouragement to my mom on a hard morning. Her appointment went alright today as well. The CT scan showed some fuzziness around the lymphnode of concern, but the doctor’s exam led him to think the cancer is still dormant. He wants to watch her closely over these next several months since the measurements from the scans were slightly enlarged. We are all hoping and praying that is just because of the way the scans were pieced together and that the cancer really is stable and not beginning to grow. My mom is still a bit unsettled as the appointment wasn’t quite as upbeat and conclusive as last time, but we are all thankful for no bad news. Praying that through all of this we can completely trust the Lord, praise Him, and proclaim His glory to the world.

A few fun things since my last post:

The high schoolers at church had a video scavenger hunt and I got to drive my girls around for all the fun tasks. It was such a blast and lots of laughs!

Bible study with my senior girls was at my house last Tuesday and it was so great to hear from a few of the girls how God is teaching them new things and challenging them in new ways. It’s such an encouragement to hear how the Lord is working in the lives of others! We are also trying to memorize as much of the book of Ephesians as we can together…excited to have some accountability in scripture memory as I have not done well in doing that in quite a while. I want to get back into it like I was a few years ago in memorizing Philippians 1.

I got a co-teacher at work!!!!! Yay! I am so excited to have help in the classroom and I am really enjoying getting to know my new co-worker. It’s refreshing to have new ideas brought into the classroom and I think it makes me a better teacher in that way as it’s easy to hit a wall with ideas for teaching when all alone!

I decorated some of my house for Autumn!! 🙂 I love Fall! It has my favorite weather and my favorite colors…it’s a time that reminds me of God’s creativity and beauty in creation and to be thankful for the immeasurable blessings God has given! Here are just a few things I added to my house (working on a canvas art and fall wreath; I LOVE the wreath that I already made, but it makes me think more of winter, so I am making one for this season):

pumpkins on the table near my front door

basket of apples and Fall garland

my Fall centerpiece

well this is a year-round piece, but I just got it for my kitchen 🙂

Church has been wonderful the past few weeks! I have been so challenge and convicted by the passages covered in the sermons and pointed so clearly to the gospel and left in awe of my wonderful Savior. Christ is truly the blessing, He is the treasure, and He is what I get as His child! He is worthy of my entire life! This week specifically I have been focusing on how I respect authority, being peaceable, and my attitude towards circumstances and people. God has placed people over me that I am not only called to be obedient to, but to submit to humbly; which means no grumbling, gossiping, or complaining. I am living for a higher authority and I am to gladly subject myself to be under the leadership of those He places as authorities in my life. I am learning to do this with joy and remembering that I am to be standing out by demonstrating remarkable Christianity while waiting here on earth!


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