First Weekend of NANC Training

There has been lots of activity this past week…between my employee education day a couple Friday’s ago,

me and Amy

our school’s theme was nerd đŸ™‚ if you couldn’t already tell

going to Rachel’s bridal shower,

me with the bride to be

love these ladies

working overtime this week, running errands, crafting, the first weekend of Biblical counseling conference, catching up with my friend Chelsey, helping my friend Rachel with decorations for her wedding, church services, and housework, I am exhausted! Its weekends that are so full like this one that make me grateful for a night on the couch for rest and reflection. God has been teaching me so much over the past two weeks and I am so grateful for that! Especially this weekend at the counseling conference and in church. Since there is so much, I am simply going to bullet a few of the general things from my notes and mind:

  • Don’t get caught up on the things of this world (which are of secondary importance); it can keep you from Jesus who it of first importance
  • Misunderstanding the real problem, the main problem, will cause one to miss the real answer–>;; the real Jesus, the real gospel
  • God is who He says He is so we can trust what He says and what He does simply because of that, even when we don’t understand
  • The true gospel: God and grace…false gospels will involve us earning salvation, the true gospel is all about God’s free gift of salvation. He is the focus. He is the treasure. He is the what it’s all about. We simply receive His undeserved gift and respond in faithfulness and obedience, giving Him all the glory, out of our gratefulness and love!
  • Game plan for the Church: conversation (speak Christ)–>;;motivation (exhort others to know Him)–>;;alteration (reprove, convict, and correct because change will be brought about when one sees the love and holiness of God)
  • There is a difference between being available for good deeds and being zealous for them
  • Because we are sinners saved by grace alone, life is not our own, but His; there is no limit on what He can ask of us and we are even more subject to His sovereign Lordship…this is a joyful thing which brings great hope! He is worthy of our entire lives!

The NANC training started this weekend! It was the first of three weekends that I will attend the training. This weekend was great to learn how a counseling session looks and the key parts to counseling. I am excited for how the Lord will grow me through this training and I will be able to apply it to ministry and even teaching. I have been given everything I need for life and godliness. I feel so unqualified to counsel, but I can speak with authority even in situations that I cannot relate to when I speak the Scriptures because it has the authority. It’s comforting to me that God has all the answers and His Word is where they are found; I don’t have to give original counsel because God is infinitely wise and His counsel is better. I am praying that He would grow me in my knowledge of His Word and give me wisdom to deal with situations ahead.
Carrie and I started a Bible Study/discipleship group with our senior girls and it’s at my house this Tuesday! Can’t wait to see how the Lord will shape that time together as we read through Knowing God by Packer, memorize scripture, challenge and encourage one another, and share each others lives! Pray for wisdom for me and Carrie as we desire to lead these girls well and seek to honor the Lord!
Before I go, my mom has a CT scan this Thursday and we would greatly appreciate your prayers! She has been feeling good, but every time back at the cancer center is another challenge and brings back anxiety. Pray for peace and trust. Pray that our hope would remain in the Lord and not what the doctors find. Pray that she is still doing well and the cancer has remained stable; of course we don’t want to deal painfully with cancer again and sincerely hope that is not what God has in His plan for her and our family…that being said, we pray we will faithfully go through it again if that is in His will. She will get the results at her appointment the following Tuesday (9/18). Thanks for lifting us up to the Father’s throne!


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