Camp and July 4th Celebration :)

I finally have a chance to sit down with my computer and write. It has been a wonderful week and a half. Camp was GREAT! It’s amazing how much I learn going as a leader and how much of a blessing the girls and other leaders truly are to me; what a privilege to be able to spend a week all together away from the normal day to day rut. It’s also unbelievable how much fun we all have just being goofy, playing football, playing soccer, playing basketball, playing volleyball, swimming, dancing, walking up and down all the hills, eating camp food, having shaving cream fights, going on hummer rides, and so much more. One of my favorite parts of this year’s summer camp was staying out for hours just worshipping our God in song. All the seniors gathered one of the nights in a gazebo and sang till about 2 in the morning; a few nights later a bunch of us stayed out till 3:30am. What precious time we got to spend praising together! Another one of my favorite parts was watching a few of my younger brothers and sisters in Christ be obedient to His Word in baptism. This year’s camp was bittersweet as it was Pastor Aaron’s last one with Colonial. I am incredibly sad to see him go and will miss him and his family, but I am also tremendously excited for how God will use them in California! Now, I will try and quickly summarize what we some of the sessions:

  • Life lived for Christ is not a way of doing things, it is living itself.
  • If we are in Christ, we are “bulletproof.” Nothing bad can happen to us…hard things happen, but all things are good for us if we are believers.
  • Life must be lived with open hands; when it is, we are free. God gives and He takes away…the more we wrap our fingers around things to hold on, the more it will hurt when it is stripped away. Anything we cling to in this life other than Him, will fade; it’s like collecting future dust.
  • God makes us see everything we need here to make us see everything we really need which is HIM…He is the creator, sustainer, supplier.
  • We need to be really living for something that matters. Surrender.
  • Whatever you do, do it to know, savor, grow, and please God. He is the means, the reason, the motivation, and the end to all things.
  • Anything given as a gift from God, done to His glory, and recognized as His grace is glorious and wonderful. Like is me and God, anything else is meaningless.
  • All things are from God, and all things from Him are a blessing.

the first hummer ride

the second one

sweet friends

the football girls

shaving cream fight

Kristen getting baptized

senior girls


LOVE these people

the whole group!!

Once I got home from camp, I had a day to catch up on things and then 2 days of work before our “big fat Greek 4th of July weekend celebration” (quite the mouthful right? :)). The weekend was filled with laughter, food, pool time, more food, getting my new phone (proud new owner of an iphone!!), more food, showing off my home, picking up Nicole from the airport, setting off fireworks, and going to church all together.

getting ready for fireworks

cousins 🙂

Ashley and I under the fireworks

more firework watching

We went to Summit this week and they had a guest speaker from their church plant called City Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Trevor Atwood). So thankful for his message this week from John 11 on suffering/death and how it is God’s love…here is a VERY short abbreviation:

  • Love is seeing and showing the glory of God, not the removal of pain
  • Jesus loves specifically
  • Jesus hates death and died to kill it
  • Death in God’s hands brings life

Ok well that’s all for now! I hope had a great 4th of July! We will see how often I can get to blog this month–> I only do it when I really have the time to; writing shouldn’t get in the way of life, it should be a part of it that I enjoy and be done when I feel that I have something to write about.


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