Ashley’s Back Home

Just realizing I haven’t posted this much in a while. Anyways, I am thankful to say that Ashley is back home! She was in the process of being discharged today as I had to leave at 3:30 for a leaders meeting at the church. Her heart rate remained steady and in the lower 100’s most of the day and even in the 90’s. She got rest, ate a little, and went for a walk around the hospital. The doctors did an Echo before we left and that came back normal, so the doctors feel it’s a combination of a virus and dehydration that caused the heart rate to be so high; so now we are keeping a close eye on her and praying that she recovers quickly.

I am very tired and sore. Feeling overwhelmed and wiped out. But I am thankful that I can trust God is good and provides for both material and spiritual needs according to His perfect will and plan. I am thankful I can find rest in Him and be re-energized for the week ahead. I am very excited that camp is coming up this week! We leave Friday and will be back the following Tuesday! My girls are Seniors this year…I can’t believe it. I have watched them mature into responsible young adults who are seeking to love God, pursue holiness, and do His will. Discipleship is a beautiful thing and I am blessed to be a part of their lives; they have changed me and I am excited to see how the Lord will grow them this year at camp and in this final year of high school.


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