Update on Ashley

Just sitting here in my recliner in the hospital room and everyone is settling in to get some rest and I can’t help but think of how life continues to take me by surprise. It’s so crazy to me how plans can change so suddenly; how brief life really is; how life can change in an instant. I am grateful for a God that never changes even when everything else gets shaken around. I am so glad that we are living for something so much greater than ourselves! I am so overwhelmed by God’s love and grace in saving, loving, and giving faith to such imperfect humans. I am thankful that He is in control of all things and all things are working in His perfect plan. It’s of such comfort to me that while my little sister is frail, weak, and in a hospital bed that God is steady, strong, and on His throne. I pray with all I have that she will be ok, that she will heal and be back home tomorrow with no concerns for her health, but I also pray that God will sanctify us through this, that He would receive all glory and honor and praise. I pray that no matter what we would remain faithful because He is surely faithful. Ashley is doing alright still. She is very tired and her fever spiked again a little while ago which made her feel worse than she did upon arriving at WakeMed Raleigh; they got some Tylenol in her to bring that down. Her heart rate is still lower than it was at the last hospital this afternoon (it was in the 160’s and then settled in the 140’s-150’s for hours and now it is between 110-130), so hopefully it will keep lowering and not go back up. The doctors suspect that a combination of a virus and dehydration is the cause of all of this, but still haven’t confirmed that. Nerves also play a role in the heart rate, but for the extended amount of time that it was high, it is unlikely that they are a main factor. Not too much more of an update for now, I will try and post in the morning when we hear a bit more. Thank you thank you thank you for all of the prayers, texts, phone calls, and messages…we are so blessed by the Body of Christ lifting us up to the Father’s throne!

Before I go, we got to skype for just a bit with Lauren and we got her in a picture with us 🙂

all three of us girls


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