It’s Been A Day…

It’s been quite a day. I spent the morning at the Americas and had a wonderful time hanging out with kids! I knew Ashley wasn’t feeling good and they were going to take her to the minute clinic; but when I got back to my car after the Americas, I had a text from my mom telling me that they sent Ashley over to the hospital because her heart rate was too high. I met them at WakeMed Apex and we were there for about 4-5 hours and since her heart rate hadn’t slowed down, they transported her to WakeMed Raleigh to stay overnight. She is doing well and we are hopeful that it is just a virus and she will be discharged tomorrow. Right now we are in the PICU, but they said it is more of a precaution since they had the bed available. If they need the room and she is doing well, they will try and move her to the regular floor tonight/tomorrow if they still want to monitor. Her heart rate has gone down a bit even though it’s still high. All of her tests have thankfully come back and look good. I will try and keep everyone updated and prayers are greatly appreciated! Ashley has had high spirits all day even though she has been nervous as this is her first hospital experience for herself. God is good keep her calm as she has had to endure a lot for one day! Praying that she will be able to get some rest because I know she is exhausted. We are trusting God to provide grace, peace, strength, and joy for whatever will come of this scare!

at WakeMed Apex

ready for ambulance transport

in the WakeMed Raleigh room


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