Choosing Truth

I started typing up a post a few nights ago and seriously couldn’t complete a thought. My mind was literally ALL over the place. I have the post saved in my drafts and it jumps around so much, I could barely follow it…I didn’t even finish typing and before just saving it, I title it “absolute mess.” I ended up having to journal instead of blog. All that to say, I am not even going to try and go back to organize the many thoughts I had. I am not even going to talk about my week last week or the sermons from this weekend (which were all great by the way); I can FEEL Satan trying to render me useless and make me believe the lies that he has been whispering in my ear for too long now which has led me to do things that really frustrate me…I will not choose to believe what God tells me is untrue, so I am simply going to share these 4 truths (which are significant for me because I am in Christ) that I am clinging to:

1. God is love- even when I am utterly unlovable (which I absolutely can be and am more often then I would like) and totally messed up, He LOVES me. I don’t even come close to understanding why, but He does.

2. He chose me with joy- and He continues to choose me. It does not matter if anyone else EVER does choose me, He chooses me with great joy!

3. He forgives- He does not hold a grudge. He does not pour out wrath and anger on me…it would be unjust for Him to do so because Christ took the FULL punishment for my sins, for my EVERY wrong, and not I am covered by His righteousness. I have repented, so He has forgiven me! (I need to trust that better) If He has forgiven me, there is no reason why I should not forgive myself and move forward to the good works that He has set before me; there is no reason I should worry that others may not be able to forgive me for that is not to be my concern. Why do I destroy myself with guilt instead of trusting that His cross was enough to cover me?

4. He will make all things NEW- He is in the process of reconciling all things to Himself and I am to get busy with the ministry of reconciliation. I am a part of a much grander plan…the great hope that I have is the assurance of what is to come at the end of this plan, an eternity in PERFECT fellowship with God. In perfect fellowship there is no pain, no sadness, no anger, no hurt, no SIN; there is joy, worship, love in it’s purest and more undiluted form. My soul aches for this day to come soon. I plead with my Savior to come back now. Take me Home. I long to hear, “well done, my good and faithful servant.” I know I will fall on my face at the sight of God’s glory and only wish I could have done more to bring Him glory while I was on this earth.


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