Carrie and Corey are MARRIED!!!!

I had planned on blogging some time last week, but there was never a chance. It has been such a GREAT weekend! Before I get to all those fun details, I will catch up on what’s happened the past like 10 days that I haven’t posted:

-Carrie’s bridal shower: we went to dinner at Daniel’s and then went to Brookes for gifts and desserts. Such a sweet time of fellowship and catching up with friends while anticipating Carrie’s upcoming wedding! 🙂

-Did laundry for the first time in my new home!! Yay milestone! Haha

-Last Saturday, went to Sarah and Wills wedding. It was a gorgeous day and such a sweet wedding! So happy for the two of them and excited for how the Lord will use them as a married couple.

-Put curtains up!

my bedroom

great room

kitchen valance

-Went to Chili’s with friends to get us all together one last time before our two friends got married!

-Went to Ashley’s dance performance at her school. It was so much fun to see her up on stage enjoying herself and to see improvement from last year when she took dance class! So proud of her! 🙂

Ok, now to this weekend. I took off work on Thursday and Friday, so it was a nice short work-week. On Thursday, the bridesmaids and bride went to get nails done together.

Me and Morgan waiting to get our nails done

Chelsey and the Bride (Carrie) getting pedicures

Then on Friday, we headed to Oriental, NC for wedding prep, bike riding ;), rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner! We all had a blast…this was such a special time for all of us because we have all been friends for so long. The bridal party could not have been more fun to spend time with!

decorating the cupcake stand

folding napkins

setting up chairs?? haha

taking a break for a bike ride

at the rehearsal dinner (bride with the bridesmaids and registry attendant)

I think we yelled out “Carrie’s getting married!” about 100 times over the weekend because we were so excited!

Saturday was wedding day!!!! I have pictures from pre-wedding and post-wedding, but not from the ceremony or reception since I was involved in those, but hope to post a few pictures from other people if I get a chance to! It was seriously the perfect weekend. Carrie was so calm and got to enjoy the whole thing. She was the most beautiful bride and Corey is one lucky guy. Carrie is also one lucky girl as I have seen how much Corey adores her. They are a beautiful picture of Christ’s love and I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses them together! I am so honored to have been a part of their special day and I couldn’t be happier for them!The wedding was breathtaking and gospel saturated! The reception was one BIG party with dancing, corn hole, laughing, and fellowshipping! SO MUCH FUN!

Brooke and I laughing as she did my hair…thank you so much for doing my hair friend!!! You did such a great job and I am so thankful that you would take time to do that!!!

the results 🙂

the bride getting her hair done

Me and Carrie!

Before heading home yesterday, a few of us decided to have a beach day. It was great and I got to experience my first time on a ferryboat!!!

the girls on the ferryboat

and the guys…

Well it’s just about time for me to wrap this up; my family was in VA this weekend for Memorial Day, so I haven’t seen them and they will be home soon! Before I go, I will share just a few things I have been learning:

  • When we are not feeling the angst to grow in the Word, we aren’t doing anything with it. When we are doing something with God’s Word, we need to refuel and rejuvenate ourselves with His Word and knowledge of Him.
  • As I realize that I will have more financial stressers than I used to, I easily become anxious. I am remembering that God is the provider, not me. I am to be faithful and diligent with what I have and trust God to provide what He sees necessary. I am to be generous in my giving and rest in Christ.
  • The amount of your strength is equal to the quality of your rest…rest must be found in CHRIST. Christ is the ultimate rest (Sabbath): He is my righteousness, He is my identity, He is my security, He is my priority. When I apply those things rightly to my life, I find REST because it is solely found in Him.
  • God’s will for my life is to be saved, to be filled with the Spirit, to be pure, to submit to authority, and to even suffer to do good works (Ephesians 5). He wills for me to be sanctified…to be like Him, to be with Him. Am I doing things that line up with His will? I must examine carefully my actions, thoughts, choices, and decisions to make sure they are aligned with His will for my life.

One last plug…two of my dear brothers and sisters in Christ (Nik and Stacy Lingle) are planning to adopt a child from Ethiopia. If you have a little time, please check out their website as they explain how they feel God’s plan for them is to adopt and find out how you can help! Please consider buying a t-shirt and helping support this family in bringing their sweet child home from Ethiopia! –>(


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