Closing Day

It’s been a crazy busy week. Work has been hectic and I have been taking pictures all week for our graduate slideshow and what will hopefully be a fundraiser for our school. Also had a festival yesterday that I took pictures for! On top of all that, I was super sick starting Wednesday night (which led to me only getting 2 hours of sleep that night as I tossed and turned) until Friday…still getting over this silly cold virus. It hit me so hard. I HATE calling out of work and I know they need me there, so I went on Wednesday and my directors had to send me home by 1pm because they said I just looked so awful that they couldn’t look at me anymore! haha thankfully, after getting some rest, I felt much better the next day and I am still feeling a bunch better today!

Tomorrow I get the keys to my new town home 🙂 CRAZY! I had a walk thru today. So excited to get things painted and moved in! So excited to see how God will use this new blessing for His glory. I am thrilled as I think of all the ministry that can go on in this new place as I open up my home to others. There is no other reason other than God’s glory that I want to use this house for…in any way that I can serve others with it and provide a place for people to come and fellowship, I truly want to take advantage of. That being said, I desire to have an “open door policy.” I want people to call me and ask if they can stop by because they are in the neighborhood or come by when they have a little time to fill in between things. Obviously there will be times that may not be good for me or my roommates and I will have to let them know that another time would be better; but I think people should have the opportunity to stop by at any time it’s possible and they can be understandably respectful when it doesn’t work out and take no offense to it.

Now for a prayer request: I NEED roommates. It was so cool to me today as I had been praying, “God, You know that I cannot afford this place on my own each month, so something has to happen…either destroy these plans I have and make it abundantly clear that this move is not in Your will for me right now, provide roommates (that basically need to drop out of the sky since I have run out of ideas for people to ask), or do whatever You desire and prepare me for it. Lord, show me that You can provide and You have this in Your capable hands” that just 2 days after I began to pray this, God dropped a roommate possibility right in front of me from out of nowhere! Now, I still don’t know if this roommate will work out or not, but what a kind God who constantly answers prayer and shows me that He is faithful, good, in control, and never taken by surprise no matter what. Oh what little faith and trust I have sometimes in moments with lack of understanding on how God will work. God is able to do abundantly more than I could ever ask or imagine and I need to remember that I will not always understand His ways or how He can work, but that does not limit Him in any way!

Also, please be praying for a sweet sister in Christ and her family as they ushered their dear mother down the isle into God’s Kingdom a few nights ago. I am so grateful to have met Kristen and I am so challenged and encouraged by Christ in her. Pray that she would be filled with peace and hope as God is good in all He does and all things are summed up in Him. Pray that as she grieves, others would bear this burden with her and she would know greater the depth of the love of God; that she would grow in her knowledge and love for Him in return. Pray that God would heal her and her family and position them right under His cross to receive grace. Pray that the gospel would become even sweeter to them as they relate back to the Man of Sorrows as He cries every tear with them now. Pray that the Body of Christ would surround her with care and love. I am filled with love for this sweet little sister in the faith and desire to walk alongside her and love her well!

This is just something I have been praying that I want to remember to pray more often: “Lord make your beauty shine more brilliantly, Your face seen more clearly, Your love realized more deeply, Your grace considered more completely, and Your name magnified more magnificently in my life and the lives of others.”


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