Very Stressed!

I am not going to take too long on this post because I have so much other stuff I need to be doing. The closing date on my house is nearing quickly…should be by the end of this week or the beginning of next week if it stays on schedule! I am so excited, but feel very stressed. On top of getting ready for the move, it’s quite a busy week at work! I am running a photo booth each day this week for The Week of the Young Child that we have going on (a celebration of children’s learning). I wish I could show you some of the pictures; the kids are so funny and so precious and so excited to have their photos taken with silly props! Since I will be taking so many pictures this week, I backed up my computer and had to remove a whole lot of pictures from my computer…this was long overdue as I had about 12,500 pictures on iphoto and brought it down to about 8,400 (I was a little scared my computer would crash if I kept adding more haha). If work and a new home are not enough to keep me busy, I very much so need to fit in my schedule to go to the dentist, the orthodontist, and the doctor soon!! AHHH!! It’s funny how I am not in school this semester, but around the same time as all my college friends are in crunch time, I feel as though I am too! The next few months will remain busy as well with work, settling into my new home, and weddings 🙂

Over the weekend, my parents were out of town and Saturday I ran errands, headed to work to help build a cardboard castle that the children can play in (which will be used at the Spring Fling event that I will be shooting pictures for this coming Saturday), and then went to the Junior’s progressive dinner!

my sweet junior girls! LOVE THEM!

all the juniors that came...haha I thought it would be better to choose the awkward family photo they took for posting purposes!

Sunday I went to church, made meals, and then went to a bridal shower for my friend Sarah! It was such a sweet time to fellowship with wonderful ladies and celebrate this sweet soon to be bride!

ladies at the shower

For the sake of time, I am not posting all my sermon notes, but during the high school service Pastor Aaron did a Q&A with Rob Stansberry on the summer camp theme this year, which is going to be surrender. Rob has spoken at our last 2 summer camps and I am thrilled that he is coming back this year! What a struggle surrender is. I recognize all too often that I make my life about something/someone other than Christ. I am made for God and I am to live for Him no matter what that means (because He IS LIFE ITSELF)…that’s surrender– it’s keeping focus on the ONE thing loving God and loving people. Surrender is pressing in toward Christ with no turning back. I know the mission, the point, but am I surrendering to it? My life is to be hidden in Christ, so when He speaks, I am to do what He says. I am to obey God because of my relationship to Him. I am to love Him and know Him and lean in to hear Him and surrender in obedience. Surrender takes being more interested in God than me. The very nature of me is Him, the gospel is not the pitch for salvation but the life itself. I am not choosing to obey God in this and that, but merely surrendering to the very way I am to live which is with God; He is my life and my being.


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