The Explicit Gospel

The week has been busy, but really good! Lots of work and running errands. My parents are out of town till the end of the weekend, so I came home and cooked dinner tonight (chicken parmesan :)). Last night was great! I got to go to dinner with Ashley at Noodles and Company, then grab a cupcake at Gigi’s before heading to The Explicit Gospel Tour at Summit with Shane and Shane and Matt Chandler.


Last night was a wonderful time of worship and focus on gospel centeredness! The gospel is not just for the unbeliever, but should be daily preached to self by the believer. We remind ourselves of our position in Christ. The gospel is the power to live life to the fullest and have victory over sin. Power over sin is when Christ becomes more lovely to us than sin; we must get our eyes on Christ first, that’s how we get to conquering sin. Fullness of life is found in Christ, so we need to be serious about aligning our lives up with Him. Christ rescues us from the domain of darkness, from our sin; it pleased God to fill Jesus with this rescue plan even though we were so undeserving and the sinless Savior died bearing the FULL wrath for our sins. We were alienated from God because He is the standard and none of us can meet that standard. All the more amazing that Christ delights in us; He did not save us begrudgingly! What a sweet truth. One day, all things will be reconciled to Himself.  Oh, how I cannot wait for this glorious day! Even the things we see now that we think are beautiful are fallen, tainted by sin, but one day they will be even more lovely!


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