The Sneak Peek Before The Big Reveal

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter a few days later…Christ is still risen and reigning! He is indeed ALIVE! What GREAT NEWS! I had a very very busy weekend, but a very good one filled with time with my family. Similar to Friday, I spent most of the day on Saturday shopping for home goodies. Success! I purchased a bedroom set, mattress set, and a dinette set with 6 chairs for a great deal πŸ™‚ YAY! I got all the big stuff that I need for furnishing the home, now it’s on to all the little stuff that adds up! These are pictures from online of the sets:

bedroom set

dinette set

Saturday night, I went to Summit with my parents and the girls. At the end of the service, they allowed for people who are believers to be baptized if they hadn’t ever taken that step of obedience; while I was baptized in high school, my sisters had not been baptized…both Lauren and Ashley went up to be baptized that night!!! I was THRILLED! Brought tears to my eyes to see them take that step of faith and outwardly express their position in Christ that they have had for so many years!

JD’s message was wonderful to hear as it focused my mind on the gospel. I feel like I have been distracted lately; kind of down and the days have been dragging because of that. I haven’t had my mind and heart fixed on my Savior and there hasn’t been joy and happiness as a result. God was so kind to redirect me to Himself this weekend and still as the week has just begun, it’s been a struggle to beat my mind into submission. Praying that I can dwell in His grace and savor in His love this week as sadness and frustration seems to be coming easier for some reason. JD spoke on 1 Corinthians 15 and how Christ dying for our sins and rising again is of 1st importance. Something absolutely DID happen thousands of years ago that changed lives radically and it continues to now; that something is Christ’s death and resurrection. Why is it of 1st importance?

  1. because of the resurrection, my sins can be forgiven- we desperately need God’s grace, not just in our bad days, but in our good days. His grace is abundant to absorb the wrath and pour out love; the resurrection causes God to see us as righteous because Jesus’ substitutional sacrifice was accepted by Him in our place.
  2. my present can be transformed- people absolutely can completely change by His grace. He gives us a new heart that loves what is good and what is of Himself and hates what displeases Him; He gives us the power to choose good. God’s acceptance is what liberates us from living in sin, it is not the reward for not sinning; Christ’s death and resurrection is what grants us God’s acceptance and that gives our soul ALL it craves for and needs–leaving no need for sinful desires to be fulfilled.
  3. my future is secure- the evidence for this hope of a secure future is the resurrection. Because He conquered death, the promise of eternal life is real and true.

On Sunday morning, Ashley and I went at 8am to help with children for the Easter services at Colonial and then we went to meet the rest of the family at Summit (Chris was going there and we wanted to be together for Easter). After service, we all went to eat some wings before I headed back to Colonial to make meals with the high schoolers. When I got home, we made homemade pizza, salad, and banana’s foster.

pepperoni and mushroom pizza

Margarita pizza

I won't even try to explain everything on here...but it was good!

Quick prayer request: I mentioned recently that Ashley had to go to the doctor for a head injury…well she had to go back and get cleared by a doctor to play lacrosse, but she still hasn’t been feeling well (headaches, dizziness, tired); the doctor didn’t clear her, so she has to go tomorrow for another CT Scan to check for a subdural hematoma (slow brain bleed) then go to physical therapy on Thursday for what the doctor thinks is whip lash to her cervical spine. Poor thing…please pray for good results with both of those appointments and for her to feel better! Pray most importantly for God’s glory in the whole situation as Ashley has to endure more appointments and physical pain.

Finally before I go, it’s time for the sneak peek of my soon to be home!! Lauren got to go yesterday to my future home while it was being inspected to snap lots of pictures! I will only share a few with you…I can’t wait to get in there to paint and move in my new things!!

front of the town home

picture from online to get the whole flow of the downstairs

dining area


great room from the how open and big it is for entertaining!

back yard! I also have a great side yard!!

Ok, that’s all for now…obviously there is more, like bedrooms and bathrooms, but I am going to wait to show those for when I actually move in! I can’t wait for the big reveal once it’s painted and my things are in there. I also look forward to documenting and sharing the progress of the decorating πŸ™‚ Hope you liked the sneak peak!


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