Proud Owner of a Living Room Set

Hi everyone! This has been my week:

Monday- work 7-5 then make dinner for Chris and myself. Clean up.

We LOVE spring (painted the back door of our classroom)

Tuesday- work 7 to 4:15 then go to big dgroup. Dgroup was absolutely wonderful. I got to hear so many stories of people hearing the gospel and relationships being formed for the purpose of sharing the gospel. What a great encouragement that God is working in our lives and spreading His name to the ends of the earth!

Wednesday- work 7 to 4:45 then make sure the house was in order for my family to return. Stayed on the couch until parents and Ashley got home…I was wiped out!

Thursday- work 7 to 4:30 then hang out with Ashley until Lauren got home!!! 🙂 We had a big slumber party in the guest room with us girls together!

haha love this silly little sister.

Friday- wake up and go to furniture stores and home stores ALL day! Seriously, we were out from about 10am until 6:30pm. It was a very expensive day for me, but a very successful one! I am really getting excited about getting everything in my new home. I purchased a living room set yesterday– it came with a sofa, love seat, chair with an ottoman, accent pillows, coffee table, 2 end tables, 2 lamps, a TV console, and a gift card to pick up a free TV (YES!!!).

this is the picture from online...I got different tables than the ones seen in the picture

here is the picture from us in the store

There is an inspection on Monday (the 9th) and then if everything goes as planned, I will close on April 30th…so soon! Hopefully that weekend I can get the house painted and ready to slowly move in the next week! Also, Lauren she be there for the inspection, so she is going to take pictures for me so all of you can finally see the house (unfortunately, I will be at work during the inspection and can’t be there myself). Praying that I will be able to confirm roommates very soon! I have 2 rooms that I need to find roommates for!

Last night all of us siblings went midnight bowling! It was really fun! We got to laugh together and enjoy each others company! So thankful for time with my family!

Chris was there too, but he doesn't really like pictures haha

Today, we are planning to go back to just a few places to check out bedroom furniture and a dinette set. I think I found a great deal for them, but I need to go back and make sure I really like it!

Yesterday was good Friday. I hope everyone took time to consider the horror of the cross as Jesus hung there mangled, beaten, bruised, crushed. It was His love for us that held Him to that cross to save our wretched, sinful souls. We absolutely DID NOT earn this salvation; no, it was granted to us by His great grace. I cannot comprehend why God would choose to die the death that I deserved after living the perfect live which I could NEVER live. It is a glorious mystery for which I will never tire in gratefulness for. I plead with my Savior to let the Truth of His cross saturate my soul and rejoice that the cross was not the end because He rose again victorious. He defeated death so that I may have life, so that He may receive all glory and honor and praise. Let my life be a living sacrifice to Him as He is completely and utterly worthy of that and more. “Without the resurrection the cross is meaningless; without the cross the resurrection is powerless.” Hallelujah, what a Savior!


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