Donuts on a Diet

Happy Monday everyone! Well it was a full weekend and still felt restful, so I am very refreshed today and thankful for a good start to the week! On Thursday night, I had the hardest time sleeping. I couldn’t turn my mind off. I was so overwhelmed, had so much to do, decisions to make, etc. Thankfully, the Lord provided much clarity the next day on decisions that I needed to make about my future. Friday after work, I got to eat dinner with Lindsay. I am so thankful for her wisdom and love as we got to catch up on life together! Friday I worked a 10 hour day (9.5 hours in the clock and a 30 minute lunch break)…it was a long day, but I was glad I could help out as we were short staffed. Looks as though for this week I will be working 7-5 each day!! I am sure I will be exhausted by the end of the week, but I don’t mind! While I was at work on Friday, my mom took Ashley to the ER. What a way for her to spend her first day of spring break?? Thankfully, she is doing just fine. She got hit in the head earlier in the week by a lacrosse stick at practice and hadn’t been feeling right ever since- dizzy, headache, nauseous, tired. They did a CT scan and her brain looked fine. It was just a mild concussion/brain injury as Ashley reported to me :). Another medical update– my mom is still in pain from her shingles. She says most of the time it’s manageable, but as the advil wears off, it is like she is being stabbed. Praying that she would heal quickly! Her, Ashley, and my dad at in Hilton Head now and won’t get back till later this week! Glad they can have some time to relax, but looking forward to having them back here (also wish I could have gone!!!!).

My dear friend Morgan left for China on Friday morning…I miss her so much already! I was excited to talk with her family on Sunday and hear how she was doing and that she is settling in! I can’t wait to hear stories about the culture and her experience there! I can’t wait to see how the Lord changes her and uses her there!

On Saturday, I went to breakfast with my family, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Eric, Alexander, and Elli! Then as they headed for the beach, I proceeded to look at home stuff for 5 hours! Whew, exhausting and overwhelming! I have so much to get and what feels like so little time as my closing date is set for the end of this month! Still praying to pin down roommates and that the rest of this buying process goes smoothly! Later that night, I went to the church to watch the final four tournament wish a few people. The best part was playing basketball between the two games…lots of laughs! Callie came to spend the night with me since I had the house to myself on Saturday night. What an encouraging time talking about how the Lord has provided so abundantly! We were both so convicted about how small we make God sometimes and act with such little trust and faith. God is so good and so impressive and we are so undeserving!

Sometimes I feel funny sharing my day to day on here…obviously I know no one really cares what I am up to each day, but I actually do that for myself. Being able to connect my thoughts from days back to what I did that day helps me to remember things more clearly, it helps me to reflect on the past better! I know that is a very random thought to insert here, but it was something I was thinking about as I was sharing what I did over the past few days.

On Sunday, Callie came to church with me and we went to service and college class. Since this post is already lengthy so I will just focus on Ben’s sermon on living up to our calling as children of God from Ephesians 4:1-5. Our high calling requires that we live in a certain way to meet the honor of the calling. We walk in this way being it gives glory to God. Living in a manner worthy of the gospel keeps unity through the bond of peace that made us one through the Spirit. To walk worthy of our calling we must be:

  1. completely humble- we all think we are the most important person in the world and that is made evident in our lives. To be completely humble takes thinking of others as more important; it requires sacrifice of self, of own desires.
  2. gentle- this is being kind even when we are being wronged, it is kindness in the midst of conflict.
  3. patient- this is persistence even when things are difficult. Patience is really seen/revealed when tested. It is bearing with one another in love; love is the motivation and the reason we are patient.

After church, I stayed till about 2pm making meals with a few of the high schoolers for the Gap Ministry. We were short by a lot of people…I am so proud of the students for working so hard each week to get meals ready, especially yesterday! I got to meet my friend Sarah at Sweet Frog! It was so great!! I love this girl! She is such an encouragement! I love how real and open we get to be with each other and how many laughs we have together like talking about donuts on a diet 🙂 After that, I stopped by the guys apartment for a little while to drop something off and ended up having a great time talking and laughing with them.

Today when I got home I made chicken poppyseed, garlic bread, and salad for dinner for Chris and myself. Now I am just going to relax!! One last thing before I go, yesterday I wore my hair down curly for the first time I can remember. I figured I would be an adult and try to find more ways to wear my hair! (I told Lauren I would post a picture)

we'll see if I ever do it again! haha

Well that’s all for today!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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