Lots To Catch Up On

So much to catch up on from the last few days! Thursday night was so fun at girls night! It was great to spend time with Morgan at Starbucks and then go meet some new friends. All of the ladies were so sweet and it was so nice to fellowship so naturally with each one of them and enjoy time together. Friday, Lauren got home for her spring break!! YAY! A whole week with her here…unfortunately, I will be at work most of the day, but I am excited to see her when I’m not at work. Friday night, we went to watch Ashley’s lacrosse game and they won! Ashley even tried for a goal this week 🙂

there she is...number 21

Saturday, I had 2 bridal showers on the schedule; I know so many people getting married!! I ended up only making it to Carrie’s shower. It was so GREAT! I got to see friends that I hadn’t seen in months and it was so sweet to celebrate with Carrie. I am so excited for her and Corey to get married in May! What a wonderful couple! It has been such a privilege to be their friend and watch them grow together and in the Lord over the past few years. Here are a few pictures from the shower:

cute little bride and groom on the cupcakes

me and the gorgeous bride-to-be

let the gift-opening begin

the bride and all her bridesmaids!

sweet sweet friends!

After the shower, I headed straight to Summit to meet my family. What a great time of worshipping our Savior together. JD continued the series on the Holy Spirit. We studied in Luke and Acts. We need to move and operate in the power of the Spirit. Jesus depended on the Holy Spirit; and if He did, how much more should we?

  1. Most of us depend on the wrong source of power- the Spirit is our power for all things. He is the power to heal, to forgive, to do ministry, etc.
  2. We don’t have access to the Spirit because some of us aren’t engaged in the mission of the Spirit- when we really encounter Him, we join His mission; we become about what He is about, we look more like Him.

A few things we need to ask ourselves is why do we want His power? Why do we ask God for what we do; is it for His sake or ours? When we pray in His power, our prayers will always be granted because our prayers will naturally align with His will. God’s Spirit can be so powerful in my life that I am not even noticed…I will leave people thinking, what a great God! I want to taste and see more clearly the moving of the Spirit and be more attuned to what He is doing.

Okay, since this post has already been pretty long, I will abbreviate a lot on Sunday’s services…even though they were all so good and caused me to rejoice in Christ! In service, Pastor Davey spoke on virtues to embrace (more requirements for leaders in the church) from Titus 1:8.

  1. Model personal care for others- “hospitable” and display love for strangers. Characterized by having a sincere heart and care for others.
  2. Model personal conviction- love what is good. The world is filled with people who love what is bad and call it good…the world delights in evil. We want to be following after God, God is good and therefore we will be pursuing what is good. Good does not violate His intrinsic nature of His goodness, it does not offend Him. We love what’s good because it reflects His goodness.
  3. Model personal common sense- have a wise mindset. Wisdom is knowledge put to action. Think differently; thinking should not be influenced by the crowd, but by Christ.
  4. Model personal consistency- just. Have right relationships with others. Play fair, treat people fair, and be consistent. Care most about walking in line with the Word. Honest and trustworthy. Remember: our “name tag” stays on, we are Christians and being watched, so we need to set the right example.

In the high school service, Aaron continued in John with the first 5 verses in chapter 17. Look at the way Jesus prayed. He prayed for God’s glory first. God is for God first and then He is for us. Nothing is put above Him and that is for our benefit. The best way for us to be secure in the family of God is for the Trinity to be all about His own glory; glory is for God alone and it brings Him glory to both judge and to deliver grace and mercy. Because God jealous for His own glory (and absolutely rightly so!!!!), He sent His son for our salvation, so that we may have life which is to know Him. Our greatest sin is idolatry; we either hoard glory for ourselves or we misplace it on another. It is good for us to make our lives all about His glory because He is the only one worthy or it!

In college class, Don continued in Ephesians 2:18-22.

  1. we have access- no one is barring us from the Father. We once were barred and rightly so, but because of Christ’s blood, we have been granded access. We get to go to an unfathomably rich Father who loves us! We can go to Him for material things, strength, power, and stamina, and gospel success [this list is not exhaustive]. We need to be more mindful of our motive in praying for things…why are we praying for that particular thing? God wants us to pray over EVERYTHING to Him. I was so convicted that I really don’t do this. I just think through things and try to work them out in my head as opposed to going to my gracious Father with them. God wants me to pour out my heart to Him…I should desire only what honors Him and pray for things in confidence that if I am praying for His name sake, and it is in His will, it will be given!
  2. we are no longer strangers- we are fellow citizens with God’s people. We are of one Spirit and have access to the same privilege.
  3. we are being fitted together- the illustration given in this passage is absolutely beautiful and so brilliantly complex. We are stones…every believer is like a stone being fitted perfectly together on the foundation of Christ as the cornerstone. We are all differently shaped, with jagged edges formed by life experiences/circumstances; and God is the only one who can build this grand building. He picks each stone and places it in the proper place [in our time period, in our family, in the location we are at, etc.]. We have the stones underneath us which support is [those gone before us], we have the stones all around us that we depend upon as well [those we are living life with], and the stones that will be placed above us [those we will be supporting]. This building is still being constructed, but will be finished as Christ is the one who makes it and shapes it until completion when He returns!!

Ok…so I didn’t really get to shorten it quite as much as I had anticipated, but it was just so good and God taught me and reminded me so much by His grace yesterday! I was planning on going to BASIC last night and then dinner with some of my girls, but I went to an open house and then with my realtor to look at another house. CRAZY! It’s so weird to me still that I am looking at homes. It doesn’t even feel real! I am excited and nervous to be on my own and to find the right house for me. So hard to find great places within my budget and in a convenient location for me and my possible roommates! I am looking at 2 more homes tomorrow with my realtor! Praying for clarity on my future and for wisdom in this stage of life! Thankful that tonight I get a night to rest at home as I am coming down with something…hoping to not be getting sick and that it is just my allergies starting, but we’ll see!

Ok real quick before I go, please be praying for my mom this week. She has a CT Scan on Thursday morning. The worst part about the scan is that she has to get stuck by needles to draw blood and to have dye injected before the scan. Next Tuesday, she will an appointment to get the results of the scan and an exam done by the doctor. It’s hard to go a few months with cancer in the back of our minds and then it gets brought back to the front as we have to actually deal with it again. We are praying that the cancer is still stable (or completely gone by some miracle) and mom is still healthy, knowing fully that God has the power to make that possible; but also trusting that if God has other plans that He is still good and in control. Above all we desire His name to be made great and to be faithful in any circumstance!


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