Whitney and Mike are Married!

I don’t even remember the last time I posted…well it’s been a crazy week. It started off not so great, but ended GREAT! After a long work week, it was so nice to have a fun saturday. I couldn’t sleep in, so I ended up getting up at 7 and getting ready for the day. Later that night, we went to Whitney and Mike’s wedding as a family! We have known Whitney and her family for as long as I can remember! It was so sweet to be a part of her day and our whole family had a BLAST celebrating with them! I have never seen my dad tear up the dance floor like I did last night and there were so many laughs!!! Congratulations Whitney and Mike!!

waiting to head in to the reception

first dance as husband and wife

father-daughter dance

dancing with my daddy đŸ™‚

throwing the bouquet

breakin' it down!

doing Lauren's signature move haha

This morning, in both the high school service and the college class, we had guest speakers! It was great to hear Corey and Jared speak to us in those services. Since I am really tired from last night, I will just cover what Pastor Davey spoke on in service today! We were in Titus 1:7 talking about characteristics of church leaders (and how we should really be as well)–> we covered the 5 negatives (what leaders should not be) that Paul names:

  1. Not blinded by arrogance- “not self-willed.” Stewards do the will of the master; they do not have a spirit of entitlement or “this is mine.” They are not in love with self or with power. They realize it’s really not about them.
  2. Not controlled by anger- they are not to have a pattern of anger; should not be quick to anger. They are not known as an angry person. They must guard against hostility and resentment.
  3. Not influenced by alcohol- “wine is not to be his companion.” The Bible does not say a believer is required to abstain from wine/alcohol, but a leader is not to be under influence of strong drink or much wine…keep in mind that they are setting the example for which we are to follow, so really we should behave in this way as well. Also keep in mind that drinks today are much stronger than they were in Paul’s day. I will leave it at that to not really get into a debate about whether or not to drink; the point really isn’t where’s the line, but how far away from that line can we stay? How holy can we be?
  4. Not recognized as abusive- should not be violent in action or speech. Not characterized by responding to mistreatment with mistreatment.
  5. Not driven by affluence- not all about money. Money cannot drive their ambitions. Can’t have a reputation for greed. Look at the generosity of the Chief Shepard; that is our model.

***Christ is our supreme model for church leaders and for EVERY believer. We do not live by the standards or example of the world, we strive for perfection in holiness and completion in Christ!

Well, I am going to rest for a bit then head to BASIC…I couldn’t stay for preparation of food for the GAP project today because I took Lauren home with me from church and she had to get back to Boone. Looking forward to hearing how it all went! Also looking forward to dinner with a few great friends tonight!! Hope everyone has had a great week and weekend! Let’s die to ourselves this week and live for Christ! Live with the mind that is actively set on Christ and His will; remembering that He has made us a NEW creation for His great name’s sake! Praying that the love of Christ would control me this week to live differently!


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