Happy Weekend!

Hey everyone! It’s been a full, good weekend and it’s not even over yet! Yesterday, I ran errands and then went to get my hair cut. I also got to spend time eating frozen yogurt with some great ladies, then have Morgan spend the night! I went to Summit last night as well with Morgan, Ashley, and my parents too! JD started a series on the Holy Spirit in John 14:16-26. So who is the Holy Spirit?

  1. He is another One of the same kind…the Spirit is God as Jesus is God. He is a member of the Trinity.
  2. He is a being, not a feeling

What does the Holy Spirit do?

  1. inspires and illuminates- He inspired the Scriptures. Now, He brings them to our mind. (He won’t bring to our mind what we haven’t put in, so we need to be studying the Word) He gives us remembrance of the Word.
  2. manifests God’s love to believers- He makes us feel God’s love and His presence. God’s character can come alive to believers and cause us to worship with the Spirit.
  3. counsels us- He stands beside us and speaks for us. He speaks a better Word to us when we are feeling condemned or forsaken (if we are in Him). He calls out to God on our behalf.
  4. points us to Jesus Christ- He never glorifies Himself; His job is to point people to Jesus. Christ is where He directs our attention.
  5. empowers for ministry- He fills us with the same power with which Christ walked with here on earth. He is God in us, giving us strength to do God’s work.

In service this morning at Colonial, Pastor Davey spoke on Titus 1:5-9 and the first three requirements for being a leader in the church. An elder, or a leader is to meet certain qualities in order that they may be an example; leaders present the pattern for us to walk in. That being said, these are also qualities that we should have as God’s children:

  1. committed to demonstrating a Godly pattern- pursuing a life of blamelessness and a pattern of progression in the faith.
  2. husband of one wife- this does not mean they have to be married, or have one wife at a time (until they divorce and move to the next), this means they are a one woman man. They are demonstrating the way Christ loves the Church; living out the union of the covenant between Christ and the Church.
  3. have children who believe- this could be translated into children who behave…they are under control; the children follow the leadership and authority of the father. Paul is after behavior here, not belief (we can’t force a child into being a believing Christian).

In the high school service, Aaron spoke on John 16:25-27. Here Jesus is telling the disciples in veiled language that the will be given understanding when He goes away because the Helper will come. They will soon be able to go directly to the Father…they could go in Jesus’ name and have the YES of God. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit and truly going to our Abba Father in this manner (the name of Jesus), we will be praying for the right things. Our prayers will be more focused on Him and not us. God LOVES us if we are in Christ. God is not waiting for us to be something else. If we have Christ, we can go to Him just as we are, because we are already counted righteous, holy, blameless, perfect in His sight. How precious is that! Doesn’t that just make you want to say, “HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE LORD!!” We have already been forgiven, we are constantly being interceded for…no one can accuse us if we are in Christ because no sin is counted against us when we are in Christ; Jesus paid the full penalty for our sin…He PURCHASED us! Never get over the great beauty and glory of that. Never forget to praise Him for the glorious work of the cross!

In college class, Don spoke on Ephesians 2:11-18. The passage is Paul speaking about the gentiles being under God’s grace as well as the Jews. How sweet is this truth and most of us are gentiles. We were separated from the Messiah, excluded from the common wealth/citizenship, strangers to the covenants of the promise, without hope, without God in the world….BUT NOW, in CHRIST we are brought near. His blood is what brings us near, when we were far away. Christ did not abolish the law, but fulfill it for all nations! We are all made ONE. Christ Himself is peace. He did not come to earth to make peace or provide a sacrifice, He came to be peace and to be the sacrifice. This unites us in a beautiful way. He takes all of us who are filthy sinners, who recognize their need for salvation through faith by grace alone, and makes us one Body; His Church, His children! Man, am I forever grateful for this!

It has been such a gospel saturated weekend. I desire for my every day to be focused this much on the gospel. The gospel really answers every question I could have that is important and essential to life. Why waste any time allowing my mind to dwell anywhere else??? After church today, I stayed with the Gap ministry to make meals for the delivery team to take out. I love the picture that this project provides of the Body of Christ…we are broken up into 4 groups/committees (finance, purchase, prep, and delivery), yet all working for the same purpose of providing for the needs in our community (physical but also most importantly spiritual). We all have different functions, but no group really operates on it’s own. Every group is important and dancing for an audience of One; it’s all about His glory and we are loving each other all along the way. The whole project can’t function properly without each group doing it’s job. How cool is it that the body of Christ is that way as well. Made up of different people types, with skills sets, talents, and gifts that are not all alike; but the Body does not function without all those different members. The Body operates because at it’s core is Christ and His gospel…it operates in unity to do work for God here on this earth. We are ONE BODY, but God has given us different jobs! What a beautiful thing that He uses such faulty people for His purposes and glory…what a beautiful thing that all these different people are unified and working in different ways to accomplish His glorious mission. What a sweet thing to fellowship over! So thankful for the Body of Christ! Excited to hear what the delivery team has to say about their interactions with the people they gave the food to tonight!


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