I feel like it’s been forever since I have sat down to write. Life has been hitting me a bit the past few days and I just hadn’t felt like posting, but today I feel refreshed. I am reminded that God is good in ALL He does, even when I don’t understand it. I am still learning (and will continue to learn) to trust Him in every circumstance. The funny thing about all that is, no circumstance for me has really changed over this week, but the Lord laid heavy on my heart the weight of life and reminded me that life is really all about Him and I need to take the focus off of myself. Again this truth is radiating through my heart and mind: GOD IS GOOD! I have found myself just praying that back to the Lord over and over again, “God You are good. Thank You that You are always always good and that I can trust that.” It’s hard sometimes to live that truth out. To trust that even when our world seems to be crumbling beneath us, God is still good and we can live with joy in our hearts, seems a daunting task; but with Christ and the Holy Spirit within us, it has been made possible to do that!

I have also been reminded the past few days how thankful I am for my family. Oh, the way that God has blessed me with them. They love me so unfailingly, so unconditionally; it points me to Christ. They cause me to savor in His sweet love and grace. My family never ceases to amaze me how they can make me smile, cry, laugh, and feel overwhelmed by love. I hate it when I am at odds with any one of them, I hate it when one of them is hurting, and I hate it when I can’t be there for one of them. It is beautiful to me that any member of my family would STOP and drop what they are doing just to talk with me. I know all that seems so out of nowhere to pretty much each one of you, but I can’t get my sweet family off my mind and hope that they know just how much they mean to me.

Ok, now on to what the past few days have looked like. On Tuesday, I led dgroup and it was so good for my soul to be with those ladies in fellowship. I had been struggling to be in the Word the past week and my heart was feeling downcast, but being refreshed by them was such a blessing. After that, I headed to my dear friend JD’s surprise party. I seriously haven’t seen him in months and it was so nice to see him and other friends. I can’t wait to hang out with him and Rachel soon. I headed straight from there to Laura’s house to spend the night with her while her parents were gone. Again, I hadn’t gotten to spend time with her and way too long…what another sweet blessing! It’s crazy how God filled this week with great friends and fellowship as the battle within my soul was becoming great and exhausting! What a generous God!

I have been so tired all week and fighting off some kind of sickness, so Wednesday after work, I just ran errands and then chilled at home. Yesterday, I did paper mache’ with the kids…SO FUN! haha I was a mess afterwards and so were they! Then I went to dinner with Morgan and Cru’s praise and worship night. I felt so distracted and was so frustrated to have to battle my thoughts to keep them focused on Christ and His holiness. I was grateful for moments of real worship through song which helped me to fix my eyes on Him. On the way home, I got to talk with Lauren on the phone and then Ashley stayed up with me for a bit talking…I so needed that sister time! Whew, so that was my week. I am glad it’s Friday and I have time tonight to spend with fellow leaders at Taco Night!! YAY! So thankful to feel refreshed this morning and ready for the day ahead! God is good in all He does!


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