Not A Real Snow Day

It’s Monday everyone! I was really hoping to have a day off today because it was snowing last night, but unfortunately that did not happen…not even a delay. I just wanted a day off to relax. I had been hoping it would snow all winter since I have no school to make up or anywhere I really needed to be; I could just get a little unexpected break! As I was getting ready for work, I realized I needed to think rightly about not getting the day off for a snow day. It just meant God saw it better that I go out and have opportunity to further His Kingdom today. What a silly thing to gripe over not getting a day to rest when God saw fit for me to do otherwise. I quickly had a change in my attitude and work ended up being very smooth with few kids. I am thankful for yet another opportunity to love others and display Christ in my workplace, even though I was tired!

Yesterday was a really nice day. I am going to shorten my notes significantly because I took a lot yesterday and don’t want to take up too much time typing. In service, Scott Wylie spoke on 1 Timothy 3:14-16 and the nature of the Church.

  1. God makes us into a household- we are God’s dwelling place and we are to function together as God’s family.
  2. God gives us life- the body of Christ will live eternally together. God is the Living God and He gives us life…we reflect His presence and power here.
  3. God gives us purpose- the Truth has transformed us and we have a job to do with this Truth. We are to hold up the Truth in a way that pleases and is beautiful to God for all to see.
  4. God unites us with a confession- we know that we do not come to the Gospel through anything but Christ. We as believers all have a fixed core of Truth that unites us. There is ONE Gospel and it is for all the Nations.

In the student service, Aaron spoke on John 16:16-24. Jesus has just told the disciples that the day is coming when the world will rejoice and they will mourn…He will go away in a little while. Sorrow and joy walk hand in hand with Christ. Sorrow turns into joy with Him; what hope we have in Him! NO ONE can take out joy! What a precious gift…I needed this reminder yesterday morning. We also talked about why the world hates Christ and why we even resist the gospel sometimes:

  1. People think they are basically good- we are absolutely filthy…peel back the layers and you will see only wretchedness and sin, but by God’s grace, we can be saved from this. Not a single one of us is worthy of God’s Kingdom. We NEED Jesus!
  2. People want to live the way they want. They want to be God- people are self-serving by nature, but there is only 1 being that is worthy of worship…idolatry is evil and it destroys you! In response to His grace and salvation (that is real), we will live a certain way. We can’t worship whatever we want and be satisfied or be okay.

In college class, Don spoke on Ephesians 2:8-10. We know we are saved because we are trusting Jesus Christ RIGHT NOW for our salvation by grace through faith…not because one time we prayed for salvation. Because we have received this grace and this faith from God, we should be displaying it all the time. This salvation that we have been given by grace through faith (not from works) spurs us on to live a life of good works. We were saved for good works which God has already prepared for us; if we are truly one of God’s elect, we were also made for good works (it was ONE choosing made by God). God has already planned these good works and we are just meeting them and hopefully doing them! Don gave a few points for walking successfully in doing good works:

  1. make a forward effort- We should be moving toward doing good. We can’t just sit around and do nothing.
  2. have good balance- We must stop being preoccupied with other things and people so we can see the work we are to do.
  3. leave a trail behind you- When we do good, we will leave a trail. People are watching; we can’t get lazy because we make an impact.
  4. don’t let fear of failure keep you from doing good; don’t just be comfortable all of the time
  5. keep your head up- We must look for good to do and be in the world. We have to stop focusing on ourselves.
  6. keep your knees bent- We need to PRAY a lot! We should have a passion for prayer.
  7. have empty hands- We should be ready. Have nothing holding us back. Don’t get preoccupied with something else so there isn’t an opportunity for doing good.

After church, I went with my family and a few sweet ladies to lunch for my last bit of birthday celebration. How precious that time was. I am so thankful for each person who came to lunch and I am so blessed to have them in my life! God is so good!

sweet friends! we missed you Callie!

Then after BASIC, Ashley and I were craving strawberry banana pancakes with chocolate chips in them!!!! YUMM! It was such sweet sister time! Then the snow began and we headed home before the roads got too slippery! Even though it was a light snow, it was beautiful!

fun impromptu trip to ihop

not the best quality, but it was SNOWING!

When we got home, Chris had bought a new toy 🙂 haha we just laughed when he walked in with this and then ate plenty of sugary goodness!

cotton candy maker

Like I said…it was a nice day!



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