I have a lot on my mind today. I have a lot on my mind lately I guess…really I think that I walk around most days with a lot on my mind. It’s hard to process all of it at once for me. On top of just all of the stuff I have to do, I have things that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s a constant battle to use my time wisely, not be overwhelmed, and to think deeply about the things my mind needs to dwell on. Yesterday was a good day. I got to sleep in till 8am (yes, that’s sleeping in), create an Ameritrade account with the help of my dad, eat lunch with my family, run errands, watch old home videos, go to service at Summit, and have a sweet time with girl friends! I was thankful for time spent with people. I want my time to be more filled with people thank with things! I want to care more about other people than I care about myself. These ladies encourage me to do that…even though I am often proving to be bad at it. I’m very thankful for them. I am thankful for the worship at Summit. It challenges my heart to focus on Christ; it causes me to think about the mission of my life, given by a great God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than I could ever imagine or ask for.

Today has been busy already, but also a wonderful day of worship and learning from God’s Word. I am rushing a bit right now because after I was done with services, I joined the high schoolers for week 2 of the Gap Project and I am headed back to the church soon to go to BASIC with them. In service at Colonial today, Pastor Davey spoke about elders in the church from Titus 1. For the sake of time, I will just share the 3 points made about elders:

  1. elders are plural in their leadership
  2. elders are providers in their oversight
  3. elders are protective in their guardianship

In the high school service, Aaron talked about the Holy Spirit from John 16:5-11. I am freshly aware of my need and gratefulness for the Holy Spirit. What an amazing thing that Jesus leaving the earth meant that we get to have the power that was in Him…we get Him with us and in us always because He died and rose again. The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, bring knowledge of righteousness, and of judgment. He is indwelling within believers and giving us understanding of God’s Word and constantly giving glory to God. Anything that contradicts or distracts from Christ is not of the Holy Spirit as He only concerned with One figure!

In college class, Don talked about Ephesians 2. What a sweet time of just dwelling on and reveling in the gospel. We were DEAD without Christ. There was literally NOTHING we could do to gain salvation or please God; He had to resurrect us, bring us life, give us a new birth. We were sons of disobedience and children of wrath; we were so closely related to disobedience and wrath that we were SONS of disobedience and wrath…BUT GOD (oh the beautiful words that I love so much in scripture) was rich in mercy, grace, love and kindness made us alive with Christ and raised us up with Him. We have 3 things against us: the course of this world, the devil, and our flesh. All three are powerful forces, but Christ is for us if we abide in Him…and if Christ is for us, no power can be against us that is too strong for Him! How GREAT is our God! What mysterious and undeserved, glorious grace! I began thinking about what this means for the way I live. I am counted righteous in the eyes of God; Christ’s righteousness covers me. So the way I want to live is the way that God sees me. I pray that I may be, here on earth, what I already am in the eyes of God in order to bring Him the utmost honor and glory and praise (knowing that I will never be able to be perfectly righteous, holy, and blameless here on earth, but endeavoring to do so anyway because of God’s grace to supply me with salvation and perfection in His eyes through His son).

One last thing I wanted to mention is something that JD Greear said last night about limitations. The limitation is never in God or His ability, but in our willingness to believe and obey. That hit home…I forget how able God is. I forget that nothing is done in my own power. I forget that God does not fit in whatever box I want to put Him in. He is so much bigger and can do so much better than I can even comprehend. I need to trust Him better and rely on Him more. I need to ask Him for more grace because He has an endless supply of it and does not hold it back nor begrudgingly give it. God desires for me to go to Him and believe that He can do more. I can ask Him for more, for Him to do big things and it pleases Him that I know He is able. He does all things for His name sake and I desire to do all things for His name sake. I am endeavoring to pray more in this way. I want to pray the gospel back to the Lord; it is the perfect picture of God’s character on display, which is beyond our knowledge and understanding. I need to be praying His Word and His character back to Him. He has NO limitations! I will leave you with the gospel prayer that is found in JD’s book called The Gospel:


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