20/20 Conference

I don’t even know how to begin to share all that I learned since the last time I posted on Wednesday night…I had Cru on Thursday night and then the 20/20 conference yesterday after work through tonight. CRAZY awesome! One of the speakers from the conference actually spoke at Cru, so I was extra excited to hear him speak again today. In just two short days, I have heard 7 messages and took 10 pages of notes, so I won’t be even scratching the surface in sharing all that I got taught in the last 2 days (and that’s not counting Cru). I will just share a few points from the weekend and then focus on one message that was so near and dear to my heart because of what the Lord has previously laid on my heart. Overall, the weekend was about the Scriptures. The Scriptures are alive and all about Christ! The Bible is not about us, it’s not a book of rules or a “how to” book for our lives, it is really all about God’s redemptive plan. It’s all about Christ’s comings and God’s glory being revealed! The central focus of God’s redemptive plan is Christ; it’s not about the redeemed, it’s about the Redeemer. And why do I believe the Bible? Because Jesus did and Scripture is clear about that. It is possible to read the Bible and miss the whole point of the Bible. Reading the Bible is not for our own self-improvement plan, but to see Christ and His work for us. It’s about focusing less on us and more on Christ. Even our sanctification is not about us…we are not making ourselves better, but instead we are recognizing even greater how love and wretched we are and how much greater we need God’s grace to be more like Him and to be with Him one day. We grow in grace, realizing how much more we need Him, not away from it. We must grow in acute awareness that we need God’s grace!

Ok, now for one of the breakout sessions (which is basically smaller classes that we choose to go to from a list of topics)–> the first session I went to was on adoption and orphan care. God has been laying orphans on my heart for a few months now and has given me a desire to adopt (if it’s in His will one day) since high school, so this was the perfect class for me to go to for understanding why we adopt, other ways to care for orphans, and better understanding our adoption in Christ. In our culture, adoption is a “plan B” for those who can’t have a child of their own, but as a believer that is not what it is (or should be) at all. Our point in adopting is not to eradicate the orphan problem, because we really won’t, but it’s an act of worship (imitating and being conformed to the image of our Savior and savoring in His grace and love)! We adopt as a picture of what God has done for us. The gospel is our motivation and drive to adopt. Really the gospel answers pretty much every question pertaining to adopting for a believer. We also talked about the parallels between adopting and the doctrine of adoption into God’s family: (and with our adoption into God’s family, it’s even greater, grander, and more glorious)

  • it’s planned, thought through
  • requires the right qualifications to be the adopter (ONLY Christ could qualify when it came to our adoption)
  • it’s costly
  • it’s a transfer (from one ‘state’ to another)
  • it involves a “legal” change
  • there’s a spirit of sonship
  • transforms everything, get a new identity
  • get an inheritance

I have so much to continue reflecting on and so much more on my heart and mind, but that’s what I will share for now as I work though everything. I am praying that God would not relent until I see clearly what He wants me to be doing with my life. In the meantime, I am praying that I would be faithful where He has me. I am praying that I would be so worn out by the end of the day from sharing Christ, loving others, pouring myself out, being a minister of the gospel, and living missionally, that I would have to fall into bed at the end of the day. I find myself doing this sometimes out of exhaustion from spiritual warfare, but I want it to also be because I am ministering to others!


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