Slave Traits

My notebook is packed full of note from each sermon I heard this morning, but for the sake of posting and because this headache I have been battling for weeks still won’t go away, I will try and shorten them a lot! In service this morning, Pastor Davey’s sermon was on on Titus 1 continuing 5 passions/slave traits of Paul seen in the introduction of this letter. Paul was passionate about, and we should be as well:

3. Passionate about God’s glory- Truth will lead you toward Godliness/God-likeness…Truth is all about Him and not us. Believers are to be passionate about sharing that Truth and about building God’s reputation. The passion of a real slave to Christ is to live out the gospel in such a way that God is glorified; outward behavior validates inward belief. We must be careful to pursue only that which truly glorifies God.

4. Passionate about God’s presence- Paul refers to the hope we have in Christ; it’s a future reality that is anticipated for according to the promise of God. We are longing for the day of redemption and awaiting to be with Him as He has promised we will be for all of eternity…and what He promises, He always delivers.

5. Passionate about God’s assignment- God has manifested His Word; if we know it then we are to tell it! Paul was passionate about delivering God’s message. We are expositors, which means we deliver a what has been already delivered to us through His Word…we do not preach our own opinion and our message is not original.

Aaron preached on John 15 and being pruned. We are all broken and in need of restoration. We are in the process of being restored; this restoration or pruning hurts. As a disciple of Christ, His Word is abiding in me and therefore the fruits of Christ are to be flowing from my life. The pruning will cause me to produce more fruit; therefore it is God’s grace that I feel hurt and the weight of sin as it draws me back home to Him. I am so thankful for this painful pruning even though it hurts.

Don spoke on Ephesians 1 and election. God chose us before the world began…does that not boggle your mind??? It was not our choice to choose God, He had to first choose us. Sin has messed up every area of our being, including our minds and decision making. We are not mostly bad, but had just enough good to choose God out of our “free will.” We need a more robust and serious view of our TOTAL depravity and His perfect sovereignty. We don’t choose Him because we are good or wise; it is our responsibility (not free will) that the Bible speaks about to repent of our sin and believe in Him IF He chooses us. This calls for humility–> we did nothing for our own salvation and we humbly accept it is only by His grace that we are saved and this motivates us to tell others about Him. Christ has predestined us to reflect His love and be holy; this love and holiness will be perfected in our death or when Christ returns. What a privilege to be adopted as sons; with this adoption, we have an inheritance and God transforms us into Himself. He chooses us to the praise of His glorious grace. He chose me so I could be like Him, so I would be fit to be with Him one day!

God is good to me, so so good to me. Even in the midst of my wretchedness, He is so faithful and so patient as He continues to pursue me for His glory and out of His love. I am humbled that I don’t deserve any of this. I am no better than anyone else. I am no more worthy than anyone else, in fact I am severely unworthy, of His great grace that give me hope and purpose. I am struggling this weekend to love well and to hold my tongue. I want to speak well of others, always building others up. I am having trouble keeping my emotions from controlling my thoughts and words. The way I feel should not dictate what I say. I am praying that I would be better about this throughout the week and that God would forgive me for not loving people well and letting my tongue that should be praising Him sin instead.

Also, please be praying for my mom and our family as she has an appointment at Duke on Tuesday! It’s been a few months and with every appointment comes much anxiety. We are praying to not be anxious but to trust God’s plan for my mom’s cancer. We are praying that He would be honored by our response to whatever we hear on Tuesday. If you would join with us in prayer, we would greatly appreciate it!


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