The Unplanned

It’s funny how things just don’t happen the way I planned in my head haha. Sunday night I had a long talk with my parents about life…mostly everything I had posted about. I got to share what was on my heart with them and they were very supportive. Obviously my parents love having me around the area, so they don’t love thinking about me moving to some “unsafe” distant place, but they know the best place for me to be is where ever the Lord wants me. Really though, I am not “planning” on moving far away (especially not any time soon), but I do want to go on a short term mission to get ideas for the type of ministry I may want to get involved in, to get away from this culture I have grown accustom to, to love God’s people in other areas of the world, to cause people to love God in other parts of the world, and to possibly start a ministry in whatever area God will eventually have me live (whether that be in the area I am now or somewhere else). God is just moving in me and I want to respond rightly to Him! I am praying I would have clarity and that the Lord would clearly point me to where He would have me serve and how.

Lauren headed back to Boone yesterday morning…already miss her, but lucky for me, she left some things here that she has to come back home to get this weekend! Yesterday, I went in to work early at 7am and then our numbers were low, so I got to leave at 1:15pm. I had this whole idea in my head to come home and relax a little while (I was tired from staying up later than expected and then waking up earlier for work) and then go through my room to straighten it and get some things out of there that I didn’t need and then go see a movie with some friends. Well my “plans” didn’t work out so well because my head felt like it was going to explode shortly after getting home. My headache, after taking 3 Advils, still persisted. So finally after laying on the couch all afternoon, I just went to bed early. BUMMER! I am thankful for some rest though. I was reminded that my plans do not need to happen and God’s will. His plan for each day and my future in general are better than mine. I am thankful for the reminder! Sometimes just not making plans seems to be just fine; that doesn’t mean we don’t ever commit to anything because “we don’t like to make plans” because that would just be an excuse and we would never do anything…but it does mean that we don’t hold tightly on to how we expect the day or life to go, but allow God to direct each action we take, each choice we make, and each course our life follows.

Today I worked at 7am again and got off at 4pm. After I finish blogging, I am going to eat dinner and go to dgroup! So excited!! It’s the first dgroup of the semester and I have missed fellowshipping with these lovely ladies 🙂 Before I go, I wanted to mention my mom has an appointment at Duke a week from today (on Tuesday the 24th). Please pray for a calm heart and mind, peace for whatever we will hear from the doctor, and for faithfulness as we near the appointment and after. The doctor will be doing another check up just like the one he did 2 months ago to see if the lymph node has grown or is remaining stable. Thank you to all of you who will be thinking of her and our family and lifting us up to His throne of grace.


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