What perfect messages and worship for me this morning at church! I know I say it so many Sundays, but I am just so thankful for my pastors and for Christ in them! I am so thankful that they speak Truth to me and our congregation each Sunday and don’t shy away from the hard truths…they are not about watering down the gospel to make it palatable or making everyone feel good, but for teaching the inspired Word of God! Pastor Davey this morning started our study of Titus. In this short book, Paul is redefining every area of our lives in light of the gospel. The first thing the Gospel refines:

  1. Our Christian freedom and view of ourselves- We are SLAVES (doulos) of God. We need to think of ourselves in this way as Paul did because it changes the way we live. We are slaves to a Master. We are not hired by God, we are OWNED by Him, we are His possessions. We don’t negotiate terms with our Master, we live according to His Word and Will. The way of true Liberty is actually through this slavery; we are free to live under His grace, out from under the grasp of sin, to live for Him. Liberty does not mean doing what we like, but liking what we ought and doing that. Paul also describes himself (his identity) as an apostle of Jesus Christ. This means He is an ambassador for Christ…we also are messengers and the message we deliver is the terms of surrender. Paul is telling Titus that this is what he will be doing to the churches in Crete (Titus was sent on the toughest assignments by Paul; he would have to go into churches and confront them. Paul’s encouragement to Titus is found in verse 4 when he reminds Titus of God’s grace and peace that will be needed. We too can draw from His divine reservoir of grace and peace.

In high school class, Aaron introduced the classes that will be offered this semester in our night program (BASIC). In college class, Don spoke from Ecclesiastes 11-12. We need to think about how life is short and how we are accountable to God, so whatever we do, we do it now!

Whatever you do:

  1. do it hopefully, in as many places as possible, and generously (11:1-2)- we should trust that if we are doing God’s will, it will benefit somehow.
  2. do it with no excuses (11:3-4)- don’t let life just pass by doing nothing.
  3. do it knowing God is sovereign (11:5-6)- let God be in charge, do what He wills and let Him do the rest.

Life is short:

  1. enjoy the good days (light) because there are plenty of tough days (dark) (11:7-8)- cease the day, every day for God’s glory.
  2. enjoy your younger days with it’s passions, dreams, and goals, but always keep in mind that God observes every lack of self control (11:9-10)- we are held accountable.
  3. thoughtfully and respectfully ponder the phenomenon of growing old (12:1-8)- remember we are going to get old to and we can’t do the same things then that we can do now, so use this unique time we have wisely.

We are accountable:

  1. the wise person seeks out and discerns truth (12:9-12)- truth about God, about the world, and about self.

How life is simple (12:13-14)–> we are to:

  1. fear God- know who we are in comparison to God
  2. obey God- this is proof that you fear God

Well I feel very convicted that I am not using every bit of my life to further His Kingdom and live for Him. I am praying that each day I can wake up and say, “Today, God has something for me to do for Him” and then live that out as His slave!


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