Last night was WONDERFUL! I loved getting to have some of my sweet girls spend the night again! They are so precious, fun to be around, loving, kind, and I love seeing the Lord working in them and through them. I can’t wait to see all that Lord has planned for them this year and in the future. Once the girls got here, we ate some pizza, played Everybody Dance, watched a movie, stayed up late, ate cinnamon rolls, and spent time in prayer together! So thankful that the Lord is allowing me to pour into these girls and I pray that He would continue to grow me and give me wisdom to lead them well!




me and Laura

haha these girls...

so much love!

After the girls left this morning, I went with my mom and sisters to do some house hunting! We ended up driving around for about 2 hours haha…still in the beginnings of looking, but getting more excited as I look! Wish my budget could be bigger after seeing some of the cute little houses that were still out of my price range, but really excited about where ever I will end up! It’s sweet to think that the Lord already has a place picked out for me and I will one day find it; even if it isn’t where or when I am expecting to find it, the Lord already knows and has planned where I will be!



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