Prayer Life

It’s been a nice couple of days…lots of giggling and good times with friends and family! Work has been going well too! My kids have been wild and they have had their moments of not listening, but overall they have been really good 🙂 I am also excited about the new curriculum we are using and how we will lesson plan all on one sheet for the whole week as opposed to one sheet for each day! After work on Tuesday, I hung out with my family and watched part of VT’s attempt to beat Michigan in the Sugar bowl; unfortunately they were unsuccessful in this and it was so late, I had to fall asleep during the 3rd quarter so I wouldn’t be dead all day at work! Yesterday after work, I got to go watch the Orange bowl with some friends. This game was even worse for Clemson. At least it was fun to catch up with some friends and enjoy some good laughter! Tonight I am going to watch Grey’s Anatomy with some sweet friends at Brooke’s new home 🙂 SO EXCITED!!!!! Well that pretty much catches everyone up on my life…OH YEAH, tomorrow night my awesome 11th grade girls are coming to spend the night! I am so excited! I feel like I haven’t gotten to spend time with them in a while since we were all gone for the holiday break. I am sure this year’s sleepover will be just as fun as the sleepover we did last year! Hoping next year it will be in my own house 😉

So as most of you know along with my morning studies in the Word, I read some from At the Throne of Grace…I can’t get enough of this book! I love reading prayers and I love that the prayers are filled with scripture and even have a passage to read before I get to the prayer. It focuses my heart so well on the Lord and has taught me even better how to pray scripture back to the Lord! I have always wanted to better my prayer life and this has definitely been a good tool in helping me do that. I definitely need to pray more often and continue to develop a deeper prayer life. Even this week I have been reminded of the power of prayer from hearing a very encouraging story from my parent’s high school friends: on our way to Virginia, my parents got a call that their friend Parker (who has been battling cancer) would have to undergo surgery for a mass that did not look good…he went in for surgery on Wednesday and no mass was found! Wow did God answer our prayers in a huge way! So thankful for this reminder that nothing is impossible with Him and that we need to pray in faith that He can work however He pleases! That being said, God would still have been good, still would have been answering our prayers, and still would be a just and loving God had the mass been found and been as bleak as expected; but how extra kind that the Lord did answer our prayers in the way He did! Even in the less “life threatening” prayers, I love seeing God’s hand in answering. So often He gives me a clear direction and the wisdom that I desperately pray for; and He does so in His own perfect timing! I will share with you before I go one of the prayers I read this week:

click to enlarge and read (sorry it's a bit blurry, but the only way to include the whole thing was to either type it or take a screen shot)


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