Merry Christmas (A Day Late)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! Can’t even believe it’s already past. I decided I didn’t want to take time away from dear friends and family to post yesterday, so here I am catching up today. Yesterday was wonderful! The whole day was filled with joy…I think every Christmas is going to be sweeter after last year. Our Christmas’ hinge upon the classifications before the diagnosis and after the diagnosis. I don’t know that we will be able to go through the holiday seasons in the future without looking back; I hope we don’t. There is a new appreciation for life, longing for heaven, love for each other, love for the Lord, stirring of affections for our Savior, gratefulness for the many blessings (that we used to not see), and so many other good things. On Christmas Eve, when we got home from the service at church there was a gorgeous sunset that we all enjoyed admiring and we helped Uncle Dave and Chris wrap their gifts (just like every year)! We had our huge dinner of prime rib, green beans, yorkshire pudding, potatoes, and sparkling grape juice. Then, we ate the lemon and lime meringue pies that Lauren, Grandma, and I made. We also open one gift on Christmas Eve (we give a gift to whoever’s name we drew earlier in the month). As a surprise, the adults got to open a gift a night early as well this year because us kids made them some special gifts this year 🙂 Christmas morning we ate our traditional cinnamon rolls, then opened stocking and a few presents, then ate omelets, then finished gift opening. After everything was opened, Coleman and Callie came over and we played Everybody Dance on the PS3! SO GREAT and hilarious! What a different feeling than last year! Today is the last day before our AZ people head back, so naturally we took our trip to Kabuki! Tonight I got to put on a show from behind the grill as well 😉

making pies

lemon meringue pie

wrapping gifts


reading mom's book...we made her a book all about this past year, dad a calendar to hang up in his cubicle at work, and Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Dave a book for all the fun times we've had together!

this is what Lauren made me!! 🙂

us girls on Christmas morning

feelin the love haha

precious parents on Christmas

lovely grandparents

Uncle Dave

later on Christmas day in our new clothes

playing the dance game

BEST FRIEND!!! Love her!

so glad they are a part of our many laughs!

At Kabuki tonight, the chef was doing something with salt and pepper shakers and I was cheering him on so he asked me to come and try it, so of course I did! haha You can check out this link: ( to see the slightly embarrassing picture of me at Kabuki…sorry for the inconvenience there, but I met my uploading quota for pictures and I am trying to figure out how to fix this! (hopefully I can get it figured out by later tonight, before my next post). I work tomorrow and our relatives head back to AZ, then on Wednesday our family is going to VA to see more relatives! I love Christmas time because I get to see all my family from both sides!!! 🙂 We won’t be back till January 2nd, so I may not be posting again until then…we will see how much time I have in VA! If I don’t post again, hope everyone has a happy New Year and had a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas for us has always been a big family thing. It’s all about loving being together and the gifts (both giving and receiving). As I have been getting older, I have loved more and more gift giving and just seeing the happiness of the person receiving the gift that I so thoughtfully picked out or made. Watching my family love each other stirs my affections for the Lord; Christmas is not about the gifts or the decorations really, but the gifts remind me of the greatest gift that I have of salvation through Jesus Christ. The holiday season is filled with love and family for me and that reminds me of the greatest display of love with Christ being born as a baby here on earth, living a perfect life, dying a death that defeated death itself (while bearing all my sin and shame), then resurrecting so that He reigns for all of eternity as God making it possible for me to spend eternity with Him. God’s perfect love and free gift is what the Christmas season reminds me of…yes it is a celebration of Christ’s birth, but without the rest of the “story,” it would only be celebrating a baby; Christ is much more than that. So I am reminded through celebrating His birth, that I also celebrate His death and resurrection because He was born to die, so that I may live. I am thankful for this more than ever. I am longing to be with Him more than ever! So Merry Christmas everybody! Celebrate the gospel as we remember the birth of the Messiah and get to spend time in fellowship with our loved ones!


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