It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Wow, I am wiped out…seeing a theme of being busy in the month of December! Even though it’s been busy, it’s been really good! Yesterday night after work was our college class Christmas party! It was a lot of fun. We got dressed up, at dinner, built gingerbread houses, played Pictionary, and did a white elephant gift exchange. After that, Lauren and I came back home to be with the family!

This morning, I got to sleep in till 8am again! It was nice! Then us girls went with Grandma to get some shopping done; I FINALLY have made a dent in my Christmas shopping now. After lunch, my mom, dad, and I headed to Brooke and Andrews wedding! 🙂 So happy for them and can’t believe they are married! Feels like just last year we were in high school and giggling about boys! So thankful to have been able to be there to see them get married and start their life together! What a beautiful blessing marriage is!

the card I made to go with the happy couple's gift

Tonight I took pictures of our house all lit up and pretty! It’s been lit up since soon after Thanksgiving, but I finally got a picture of it. It’s beautiful! I love seeing all the Christmas lights and decorations up…they are so pretty and it’s really starting to set in that Christmas is right around the corner. Seriously can’t get over how fast this past year went by. I can’t believe it’s already Christmas time! I have already gotten a few things from my kids at work! So precious and sweet! Another thing that is making it feel like Christmas around here is starting to watch Christmas classics; tonight we all watched A Charlie Brown Christmas!!!

2 of the gifts I have gotten are cute little ornaments...I love that I will get to keep these for so years!

looks a lot like Christmas around here

Well I am tired so I will quickly share with all of you what I was reading the other morning. I LOVED my time in the Word yesterday and then my time reading At the Throne of Grace. This little portion of the section I read in the book has stuck with me and the wording is so great. Such a wonderful reminder of how precious God’s grace is and how grateful I should be that He is literally EVERYTHING! My salvation, hope, assurance, faith, obedience, and so much more only come from Him.

Your self-sacrifice is the guarantee of our redemption, the reason for our hope, the ground of our assurance, and the song of our faith.

Your death purchased our salvation, Your resurrection guarantees our justification, and Your intercession at the throne of grace secures our perseverance.

Teach us, Lord, to walk obediently by faith. Empower us through Your Spirit to live in Your strength. May we gladly bear the yoke that is easy and the burden that is light. And may we wear that yoke faithfully until we see You face-to-face. In the meantime, enable us to be truly useful in the advancement of Your Kingdom.

What a privilege this is for us– that You overcome our fallenness, wretchedness, sinfulness, weakness, and ignorance to transform us into instruments of Your grace in this world!

Be honored, Lord, as we offer You our worship in reflecting on Your faithfulness to Your people. We pray for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in His mighty name. Amen.


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