Christmas Company

Short post today…I worked all day as usual, my children were exceptionally spirited today! When I finished, I got home and freshened up before my grandparents got here from AZ!!! 🙂 I am so excited that they are here! Also, can’t wait for Lauren to get home!!!!!!!!!!! Fun day here! I wish I had more of a break before Christmas so I could spend more time with everyone. Uncle Dave gets here on Monday!

As mentioned before, here at the pictures from our Dgroup PJ Christmas Party:

we all got pics like this!


sweet girls

the whole group

I have been thinking lately what I want to do with my life. I love where I work, but I want to do something big with my life…something significant. I want what I do in my life to really mean something. When I see God, I want to have completely poured myself out for His glory! I don’t want significance for my own sake, I just want to be greatly used by the Lord. I want to make a difference in lives of others and spread the gospel where ever I am led by the Lord. This could mean that I am still here in NC or it could be that I am sent out to a completely different country (scary!); regardless of what it means for my life, I want to be faithful and follow the Lord completely!


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