Psalm 90

Life is still crazy busy, but pretty wonderful! Yesterday was great! I was so excited to be back at Colonial! I know I have said it so many times, but I hate missing Sundays at my church! I am so grateful for the teaching I get to sit under every week there! In service, Pastor Davey spoke on Luke 1. In this section we see the angel Gabriel telling Zacharius that he will have a son (John the Baptist). Gabriel says John will live a life of dedication and will be greatly significant in the sight of the Lord (notice he doesn’t say in the sight of leaders or his peers), a life separated from strong drink and for the work of the Lord, and he will be indwelled by the Holy Spirit in the womb (just a thought for those who don’t believe life starts at conception; even in the womb is a living person and an eternal soul). In John’s ministry, he will impact the disconnect, disinterested, and the disobedient. Could you imagine being Zacharius and his wife? An 80 year old man and his wife being told that they will have a son and that he will be the prophesied forerunner of the Messiah?? It’s comforting to me that Zacharius’ response was not “ok, sounds great!” but he responds more with a “What?? How?” Zacharius didn’t even believe Gabriel and asked for a sign, which came in the form of him not being able to speak or hear until John’s birth. This faithful and committed couple probably did not understand why this was happening and why it was happening to them. They probably struggled over the thought of all that was to come for them…they had to trust that God’s grace would be enough. Isn’t it ironic that John’s name is a picture of just that! (John means God is gracious) He also closed the sermon with an amazing story and if you have time, please go read it!!

In the student service, Pastor Aaron spoke on John 13:21-38. This is the passage where Jesus tells the disciples at the last supper that one of them will betray Him; of course every one of them are wondering who that would be. Jesus reveals that it is Judas and as soon as He does, Satan entered into Judas. Keep in mind, Judas was not a hollow puppet or a victim here, he allowed Satan to enter in. We are not to tango with Satan…our only interaction with the Devil is to resist him. Our spiritual warfare is to combat flesh with Truth/Spirit! Our minds and heart are total darkness and Christ must pierce us through with His glorious light and overwhelm us with His light. In the final parts of this chapter, Jesus says now the Son is glorified…He knew His time had come. Why is God’s greatest glory revealed in the cross? On the cross, He was displaying ALL of His attributes. So how do we display His glory? We live out His attributes and fully trust Him to act on our behalf. We need to follow God’s commands to us to love. No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another that is how they will see God. Everything here on earth makes a crummy God, so let’s stop loving things and love God then love people with His love!

In college class, Ben spoke on Psalm 90. Moses points out 3 things in this passage.

  1. Mankind is frail and the time we have here on earth is brief- we live differently with the knowledge that life is short. We need to learn to number our days and be useful as our time is limited. We need to stop wasting time while we have it!
  2. God’s attitude toward sin- we love to blame others for our sin or even blame our circumstances; but if we knew how God felt about sin, we would treat it much differently. We must not make excuses for our sin. We are sinning against Him and His wrath burns over every sin the same; God HATES sin and we have no excuses for it. When we really know Him, we come to him with a broken, humble, repentant heart when we sin!
  3. Our glimmer of hope- God’s steadfast love is our hope. He is loyal and faithful with His love; He never changes it for us; we have nothing to do with the amount of love, He simply loves because of His character. Even in the most tragic of times we can rejoice in the steadfast love of God.
We must remember we are frail and brief and that God hates sin so we need a Savior; rejoice that out of His loyal love, we have one who leads us out of bondage and death!

After church, Chris and I went to Remington Grill together for lunch and then I got to celebrate my graduation with some sweet ladies! Callie got to come over all afternoon and it was so great to catch up with her, then Brooke and Morgan came by right before we left for dinner to ride with us and Carrie met us at Carrabbas! Callie, Morgan, and Brooke came back to my house and we did some yoga (and laughed a lot)! I am so thankful for each one of these ladies; they are such special parts of my life and it is such a blessing to have them in my life! I am also so thankful for my sweet family who also celebrated with me! They make me feel so loved and special and I don’t know what I would do without them! I pray that they know how grateful I am for them and how I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today without them!

the flowers morgan brought me!

love these ladies!


inversion pose!

Today I had work and then a staff meeting, so I am beat! After the meeting, I headed to the dollar store with Amy to run some errands for our kids! I have so much to get done before Christmas…better get on some of that! Hope everyone is doing well!!!!

Before I go, please be praying for my mom. This Christmas season, while not a bad one in any way, is a very hard one. It’s another reminder of the painful, scary life that she (along with our family) is still in the middle of. Cancer is overwhelming and it is always on her mind. She does all that she can to not let her mind jump to “what it I have more cancer elsewhere?” with every pain she feels in her body, every weird feeling in her body; but that’s not an easily won battle at all. It’s an exhausting battle and she feels spent. Please pray that the Lord would give extra measures of grace as we will all revisit the way we felt last year on Christmas Eve (there was fear, sadness, confusion, tears, and so many other emotions that there aren’t even any words for). The tears were more than we could count last year, but it is such a sweet thing for me to think that God knew every tear that we cried and He was right there with us in our sadness; He knew our every hurt and every thought of anxiety. He gently held us and sat with us and as He wrapped His arms around us, He softly whispered Truth and gave comfort and peace that is literally still beyond understanding. He is a kind God and a loving God. Pray that we would (especially my mom) overwhelm the hard memories with the good memories, with reminders of God’s love, grace, peace, hope, etc. Pray that she would remember the growth that has been experienced, the depth of life, fellowship, and relationship with God this past year. Pray that she would trust in His unfailing faithfulness toward us and choose to battle yet another day the spiritual warfare within, along with this awful disease! God don’t loosen your grip even a bit on my sweet mom and give her strength for the race you have set before her. Fill us all with overflowing joy this Christmas season as we remember Your greatness, Your goodness, Your salvation, Your Lordship over our lives, and Your sovereignty over all things! God thank you for the struggle and the constant reminder that we are frail, brief, and in need of Your great grace! Remind us that You are always enough! Oh how thankful I am to know You the way I do…so much deeper than before, so much more intimately than before! Be near to our family, please be very very near this Christmas season!


2 thoughts on “Psalm 90

  1. That was such a sweet post Megan! First off, I want to congratulate you on graduating!!! I’m so proud of you! You have grown up to be such a godly woman and I admire Christ in you so much! I’m so thankful for the example you are to me! I love you! Secondly, I love the sweet reminder of God’s grace in all of this! I praise God for being with us, holding us, crying with us throughout this whole experience! Thank you for that reminder! I love you and can’t wait to see you soon!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you Lauren! You are always so encouraging to me and so patient with me as many times I ramble on and on and probably make no sense! You love me so well even when I am being unlovable (which is always going to be more often than I would like). You are a beautiful young lady of God both inside and out! Thank you for never failing to put a smile on my face, point me to Christ, uplift me, and for always being exactly who you are! You never pretend to be something you are not and that is so wonderful to see! You and such a blessing and I am beyond proud of who you are and who you are becoming! Let the Lord keep working in you and through you and never forget His great grace (never let anyone else forget it either)! LOVE YOU and seriously can’t wait till you get home on Thursday!

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