At The Throne of Grace

It’s nice to have a moment to blog! I probably could be getting some homework done, but I will just do it this weekend…just 2 assignments to go! So glad about this; it’s been a long week. Spent all of Monday night after a full day of work doing homework assignments. Work has been rather stressful as I am suddenly in a new room again. I am praying that I would have an attitude that honors the Lord in this circumstance.

A quick family update: Today we took Ashley to the doctor to get some bruises down her back checked out as well as a discoloration on her neck (once there is cancer diagnosed in your family, you tend to air on the side of caution when it comes to unknown health stuff). Thankfully, the doctor thinks the area on her neck is just a pigment discoloration for whatever reason and then we found out Ashley has scoliosis (haha she gets to join my club). The bruises are from her leaning against her chair at school and doing sit ups because there is nothing between her bones and the hard surfaces except for skin. We are very glad to have gotten an appointment and not have to stress. On the mom front, she is looking and feeling very good! Her appointment is next Tuesday. There is a bit of anxiety about this appointment. She hasn’t been to the doctor in 2 months. We just don’t really know what to expect. It’s a lot of waiting. A lot of unknown. They will do an exam to see if the lymph node has grown. While I don’t want the cancer to be growing/spreading, I also wish that they would just get the last bit of the cancer out of the lymph node! If it has grown, I guess we will start talking about radiation. Anyways, it’s just been a while since I have had an update on my mom, so please keep her in your prayers if you think about her! THANKS!

Tonight I got to eat dinner with Carrie and Morgan then run an errand with them! It was so good to spend some time with them and we had lots of fun together! Last night, evangelism with my dgroup was really good and much needed. I felt like I was having such an off night, but thankfully God doesn’t have off nights! He uses everything to His glory and all things happen as He has planned them to! I am praying for the girl that a few of us got to talk with…I think her name was Kelly! She shared that the past year has been rough and she has fallen away from the Lord. Just very recently a campus ministry went out and talked with her and she has been wanting to get back in the Word. I don’t know if she is saved or not, but I pray that she will grow in love and knowledge of Christ and that we were an encouragement to her in pointing her to Him. I am also praying that I would evangelize more. I need to be better about speaking the Gospel to people I encounter. I want it to be natural for me to share the gospel with strangers; it’s not as hard as it used to seem! It’s so scary to stop a random person and just ask them a few questions, but it’s so worth it to plant a seed in their life and also to grow in my faith.

I am really excited about this new book I just got in the mail–> At the Throne of Grace by John MacArthur. It’s a book of prayers that has a passage of scripture to go along with them. It reminds me of the Valley of Vision book of puritan prayers. I just love how reading prayers to the Lord brings my heart into submission to the Lord and focuses my attention above. I want my prayer life to be transformed!

this is just a bonus photo from last night...wordpress has a new drag and drop feature for uploading photos and I wanted to try it out!

Speaking of prayer…I was reading my Valley of Vision book the other day and came across one prayer in particular that I will share a portion of!

It is thy pleasure to help all that pray for grace,

   and come to thee for it.

When my heart is unsavoury with sin, sorrow,

   darkness, hell,

   only thy free grace can help me act

   with deep abasement under a sense

     of unworthiness.

Let me lament for forgetting daily to come to thee,

   and cleanse me from the deceit of bringing

     my heart to a duty

   because the act pleased me or appealed to reason.

Grant that I may be salted with suffering,

   with every exactment tempered to my soul,

   every rod excellently fitted to my back,

     to chastise, humble, break me.

Let me not overlook the hand that holds the rod,

   as thou didst not let me forget the rod that fell

     on Christ,

     and drew me to him.

Finally, to close I want to leave you with a song that I heard for the first time this weekend at DOTK:



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