Wonderful Weekend in the Mountains

Wow! What a weekend! I am definitely not ready to be back…missing Lauren already, missing relaxing in a cozy mountain house, missing the mountain air, missing the beauty of the mountains! Let’s start from the beginning 🙂 We hit the road on Friday after I got off work and Chris finished wrestling practice. When we got to Boone, we picked up Lauren from her dorm and headed over to the house to settle in. We spent most of the night just sitting around the house together, talking, laughing, watching tv, and just loving spending time all together.

ready for some fun

cute little sign

re-united and it feels so good

sisters and roommate 🙂


On Saturday, we woke up early to eat breakfast at Daniel Boone Inn…DELICIOUS! After getting all fueled up with food, we ran errands at Walmart, and were ready for our hike! We hiked the Hebron Rock Colony.

in front of Daniel Boone Inn

just the beginning of what we were about to hike

rock jumping

part of the hiking crew

pretty sure this was our first family hike!

love this girl!

Lauren having fun with my camera

we found a little cave beside the small waterfall

resting at the top of the hike

family shot

It was so pretty, a great workout, and loads of fun. On this hike, we did run into a little something unexpected–> what we like to call “Lauren’s almost near death experience.” It’s definitely funny now, and some of us were laughing immediately after, but it was rather scary in the moment. As we were headed back down on our hike, Lauren slipped on one of the rocks and fell into the creek. She couldn’t get any footing so she went down with the current till she could get herself wedged between a rock and some wood. I ended up laying on the rock above and pulling her back up (she said I pulled her up completely with no help and she didn’t know how I had the strength to do that, but somehow I felt like I was barely pulling any weight…must have been adrenaline). After pulling her up, we both just sat on the rock with everyone staring at us. People who were around us were all asked if she was ok (haha we had no idea anyone was watching except for our family and Kirsten from a rock not too far away). Thankfully, Lauren just came out very wet and cold with nothing but a scratch on her hand!

scene of the incident

so wet

war wound

After we returned home and freshened up from hiking, we went to Macado’s for Lauren’s birthday dinner. After dinner, we celebrated Lauren’s birthday with cake and presents. Since I will be away for Lauren’s actual birthday, I will go ahead and leave her a short birthday note. Lauren, you are an absolute joy to have as a littler sister and I have loved every minute of being your big sister! The ways you have encouraged me time and time again, I will always be grateful for. It has been such a privilege to watch you grow in your faith and love for Christ. Your kind and gentle spirit is such a challenge to me and pushes me towards Christ-likeness. I am so proud of the Godly young woman you have become and I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for your future! I hope you felt very special this weekend and enjoy your real birthday next weekend as well! I love you so much!

After the birthday festivities, us girls headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway to look at stars then we watched Transformers 3 until all of us couldn’t stay awake any longer.

ready for some yummy food

I have the best sisters in the world...SERIOUSLY!


This morning, we got to go to Alliance Bible Fellowship where Lauren and Kirsten go each week for church. The pastor talked about Ephesians 1:15 and what came to Paul’s mind when he thought about the church in Ephesus. Paul commends the church for their faith and love…this is what the church is to be known for and even us as individuals. Compare what Paul valued in the church then and what we value in church’s today…we should be pursuing what Paul praised the church of Ephesus for. A true faith in God will produce genuine love for God’s people. We will be known by our love for one another. Without authentic community there isn’t true faith. Authentic community is evidence of our faith in Christ. Paul in talking about a unique, unnatural, self-less love for ALL of the Saints. It didn’t matter who the brother/sister in Christ was, they loved them. I started to question myself: “Do I truly love [unconditionally, unselfishly, without discriminations] every brother and sister in Christ? How can I love my enemy as I am commanded if I can’t even love my brother/sister? How will my faith be seen as real if I can’t love?” I am realizing that I need to love better. It’s so easy to pick and choose when I want to love certain people, but I CANNOT do this. I am to love at all times! This means, no matter how poorly my brother/sister in Christ may treat me, I am to love them. This love will look different depending on the circumstance. Sometimes it will mean holding my tongue and other times it will mean going out of my way and doing something for them. Whatever loving them may look like, I need to do it. Christ is the key to this love. I only love because He loves me and He gives me the power with His perfect love to love others. Praying to be better at this…way better!

After church, we went to eat some mexican food together and then headed home.

the whole group before church

Lauren and I at lunch

gorgeous drive home

I got to meet with Morgan for coffee tonight after getting home. It was a perfect end to the weekend/start to the week! She is so honest and encouraging to me. I love that we can be real with each other and just be ourselves around each other and that’s just ok! I am beyond grateful for her friendship! So glad we got to meet tonight! I just love her! On a completely separate note, two more of my friends got engaged!! I am so excited for Nick and Elise! Congratulations you two! I am so happy for you! 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


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