Boone Bound!!!!

Ok, I have to attempt to make this one a little quicker because I am so tired and I have work tomorrow and then we are heading to BOONE!!!! 🙂 So excited to see Lauren and to be in the mountains! [that being said, no posting again till maybe Sunday night or Monday] I was excited to break out vests and scarves the last few days with this cooler weather, and the mountains will be nice and chilly for some more warm clothing!

this is a terribly picture...but you get the idea (I'm excited for layers haha)

Tonight was real good and much needed. I got to spend time with wonderful Morgan and we went to dinner at Village Deli before Cru. Good food and even better company! It’s been a few weeks since we have gotten to do our usual Thursday night dinner before Cru, so it was so nice to get back to it. Also, after Cru, they did a drawing for a $25 gift card to Applebees and my name was drawn…haha I was so embarrassed. I don’t like having attention draw to me, especially the attention of strangers, and I had to get up and walk to the front to get the gift card. That combined with the  MCs jokingly asking me if I had been asked (had a date) to Cru’s Semi-formal dance next weekend, saying no, them both asking just to be silly (not serious at all), me saying no again, and knowing I won’t even be here since I will be at DOTK… left me feeling so awkward! I practically did run back to my seat very quickly haha but it was a good laugh and I know have $25 to spend on food. Anyways, enough about that! At Cru, we got to hear (I won’t even try to type his name) the pastor from a church in Grand Cayman. It was really neat to get to hear his testimony as he used to be a Muslim and he also talked about Philemon verse 6. He broke the verse up into 3 parts (and this is a model for believers):

  1. Pray- we have an instant attentive audience with the Creator of the Universe…now that’s cool! Paul prayed for Philemon (as we should be doing for others and we should pray similarly for ourselves as in this passage). One thing that the pastor said during this portion of the message was a quote that I really liked that mentioned that the measure of a man should be taken when he is on his knees. Basically, you can look at someone’s prayer life to best measure them up. (that’s convicting)
  2. Share- be an effective worker, a faithful evangelist. This takes actually speaking the gospel; it takes speaking Truth. (Romans 1:16) We are speaking the very power of God…how marvelous that we as humans are UNIQUELY able to SPEAK this (the rest of creation cannot). We must not underestimate the power of the gospel and sharing truth with others as it is the power of Christ.
  3. Discover- the reason Paul gives to Philemon for sharing his faith is that he may fully understand all the good we have in Christ. The very activity of sharing our faith with others will cause us to walk in a deeper knowledge of Christ. The power of the gospel is for both spreading Truth to others and to our own hearts.

Alright…that way kinda quick haha! Hope everyone has had a good week and hope you have a good weekend as well!