Happy Halloween!

It’s been a fun halloween and I am currently handing out candy to little children! 🙂 FUN! Today at work, I was with the school agers and since so many schools were out today, I got to take them on a field trip to the discount theater and watch The Smurfs! It was such a fun surprise and made the day go by very fast! I was expecting to stay till 6 for a co-worker, but our numbers were so low because so many kids went home early, that I still got off at 5. Nice day at work!

When I came home for my break, Ashley and Mom were carving our pumpkins and asked for an assist. (pictures were taken with Ashley’s camera)

Ashley at work

Mom cutting out her's and Ashley's design

Me carving Chris' design

sad I missed gutting the pumpkin

Chris' idea

Hokie pumpkin

Real quick before I get to some thoughts from the day, I entered to win Photoshop for life! This would be so great with my new camera. I get extra credits if you enter by clicking on my link (and you would be entered to win as well)…if you get a chance, it really only takes a second because it only has you enter your email address, then confirm by clicking a link sent to your email. (click on this link to enter: http://appsumo.com/~dTvB)

Last night at BASIC, Kirstie talked to the girls about the discipline of the mind. We talked a lot about tips to renew our minds as instructed in Romans 12:12.

1. evaluate your thoughts- be aware of what is coming to your mind and compare it to Philippians 4:8. We have to test every thought against God’s Word.

2. reject the thought is it doesn’t meet the qualifications of Philippians 4:8 and replace it- replace thoughts with truth from God’s Word. –> it’s a process of breaking old habits and forming new ones. We must choose to not dwell on thoughts that are not of Christ…we have the power to do this as a new creation in Christ with His Spirit in us.

  • recognize a thought that is not truth
  • refuse to accept it, act on it, or dwell on it
  • replace a thought with truth
  • believe because you are safe in Christ and He is in you

3. meditate on new thoughts that do like up with Scripture often.

Really just thinking a lot today about how my thoughts affect my attitude and reactions. My emotions are wrapped up in what I dwell on and if what I am dwelling on is not truth and does not line up with Scripture then I cannot successfully live rightly. I have to filter my thoughts and test every one of them. I need to respond in truth and love to situations throughout the day and control my emotions by taking captive every thought! I feel like I could unpack this a whole lot more, but I will just leave it at that (keep getting interrupted by trick-or-treaters).


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