Pumpkin Patch

It’s been such a good day already! I have less time to post than usual on Sunday, so I am going to abbreviate the sermons a lot today. In service, Pastor Davey spoke on Esther 5. Here we see God’s providence intervenes in Esther’s heart and she puts off requesting the King what she intended to and invites him to her banquet for a second time. Both Esther and Haman had their plan, but God does something neither had planned. The night before Haman would have Mordecai killed, the king could not sleep so he read and saw that Mordecai had acted in a way that deserved honor which he had not been given. As the story goes, Haman ends up being the one who has to treat Mordecai as a king (a man he was fixed on murdering); so much irony. We see that God is working even when circumstances are out of control, when life is unpredictable, and when sin seems unstoppable. God orchestrates everything. We also see that stability never comes from life, but from the one who gives it.

Today was switch Sunday for the students, but instead of going with my grade, I had the pleasure of hearing my good friend Corey speak. It was such a treat and he did such a good job…I was so proud of him. He talked to the middle schoolers about trials from James 1:2-12. How are we to endure trials?

  1. with a joyful attitude
  2. with an understanding mind
  3. with a submissive will
  4. with a believing heart
  5. with a humble spirit

In college class Ben spoke about grace from Titus 2:11-14. It was such a challenge to me. How do believers live God’s lives? It is ONLY possible because of God’s grace.

  1. grace is the foundation to our faith and Godly lives- the cross is what makes it possibly, it is the epitome of God’s display of His grace. A Godly life is not lived without salvation.
  2. grace is the education- it teaches us to say no to ungodliness, reject unbelief, and live Godly lives. Grace is the only way to live soberly, righteously, and Godly. Grace teaches us to believe scripture and if we really believe what it’s saying, we will live differently.
  3. grace gives us the motivation- we look forward to the hope we have; it motivates us to live Godly lives. Our lives  could end at any moment, so what are we doing with our time? Really thinking about being with God causes us to actually live out our faith.

The conclusions from these 3 points about grace:

  • if grace is foundational, we must remain at the foot of the cross and be reminded of Him to live Godly lives. (this is how we see ourselves clearly)
  • if grace is the foundation and the means, we have no room to boast.
  • if Christ is coming back, we should be eager to do good works. (you should question your faith and belief if you keep wasting time because we will act on true belief)
  • if we want to live in the beauty of God’s grace, we must abandon all unbelief.

After church, Ashley and I went with dad to pick out pumpkins 🙂 Later tonight, a few friends are getting together to watch a scary movie after BASIC.

fun on the tractor

love my dad!

Ashley and Dad

in front of the corn maze

the pumpkin I picked out

Ashley and I were trying to look like the pumpkin haha

waiting for Dad to pull the car around


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