I feel like I haven’t posted in a while even though it’s only been a couple days. Thursday night, I had Cru and we met at Colonial to hear my wonderful college pastor speak! It was such a joy to hear him speak in the middle of the week and I was so challenged by what he had to say. Don talked about Jesus’ demand for disciples in Mark 8:34-35. It’s important to remember that Jesus is not an “add on” in life and be careful not to present Him in this way…He is everything! The passage is not giving us (disciples) an option in life, but demands:

  1. Deny self- we need to identify the source of our troubles–> we look at Christ’s biggest rival in the mirror because we are our biggest idols. This is the first thing we are told to do in the verse is to deny ourselves. This will take re-evaluating our values (what do we talk about most, spend time on, daydream about, want/think will satisfy), knowing our strengths and weaknesses (be sure we don’t depend on our strengths or use our weaknesses as an excuse), and see the worth of everything in comparison to the worth of Christ (nothing even compares).
  2. Take up your cross- a cross is the end of everything, so we are to act like each day is our last (what will we do for Christ with that day?). A cross is total commitment and we need to be totally committed to Christ. Taking up your cross is totally giving yourself over to His Lordship daily and in every moment. Taking up our cross implies that we know that death is imminent and know what we gotta do…so we do it fully.
  3. Follow Jesus- we must obey His every command and take up His agenda (which is the gospel). Why would we call Him “Lord, Lord” and not do what He says?

After Cru, I got to hang out with a few friends! It was really nice to spend time with people and I was excited to be able to stay out a little later because I didn’t have to go into work until 9am the next morning (haha I know that may still seem early to some, but that’s an hour later than normal for me :)). Then after work on Friday, I went to Walmart with Ashley to get stuff to make my costume for Broomball (an event with our college class from church). Broomball was a blast and so many laughs! Basically, you go on the ice with your shoes and whack a ball around with a rather small stick…so many falls!

I was a panda bear! (p.s. love my sweet friend Morgan so much!)

everyone getting ready to play the second half of broomball

me and Amanda

best costume (definitely messes with your mind a bit)...sometimes I wonder how I am friends with these guys

that's me under that hat

While I am posting pictures…here are a few pictures from the fair as promised (thanks Chad!).

ferris wheel

so all the lights

was gonna just be a girls picture, but clearly some of the guys wanted to be in it

Today after sleeping in till 9am (yes that is sleeping in for me!), I went to lunch with Mom and Ashley while Chris and Dad went to the VT vs Duke game. Then us girls headed to my co-teacher, Amy’s, house for a beauty party. She sells Amway products and had me get a few people together for a party. It was really fun and I got a few beauty products!

I dropped Ashley off at her 10th grade corn maze event and I am just waiting to go pick her up (and probably hang out at her bonfire with her for a little while). I really wanted to go to the haunted corn maze tonight, but it didn’t work out for anyone to make it…BUMMER, but maybe we will make it next year! Hope everyone had a wonderful couple of days!


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